Paris Jackson: Spiraling Toward Another Mental Breakdown?

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Paris Jackson is a model, a free spirit, and a person who's unafraid to clap back at her own family from time to time.

But recent sightings and reports have fans and family concerned about her well-being.

Is Paris headed for another emotional breakdown?

Paris Jackson, Smoking on Instagram

RadarOnline reports that family and fans alike are worried about Paris Jackson.

The model and actress was spotted walking through LAX on November 12.

Her demeanor was described as "zombie-walking" and her shirt and general appearance were described as "slopping."

Not usually what you'd expect from a model who's also the daughter of the late King of Pop.

Allegedly, this has added fuel to the fire of concerns that Paris is heading towards another emotional or mental breakdown.

Paris Jackson in Hair Extentions

According to RadarOnline's report, those who love her are seriously worried.

"Paris has been out of control," the insider claims.

Well, she's an adult, so it's not like anyone should be controlling what she does.

The concern is that Paris herself is not fully in charge of what she's doing.

"But," the source continues. "There's nothing the family can do!"

It's natural to be worried about your loved ones -- but is their alleged fear justified?

Paris Jackson With Brown Hair

Let's start with the eyewitness description of how she looked at the airport.

Folks, she was at the airport, not a runway, not a funeral.

Some people get all dolled up and formally dressed every day of their lives. The rest of us only put on pants if we have to leave the house.

Paris probably dressed in comfy clothes for flying on an airplane and also for sleeping on said airplane. Just a guess.

Plenty of people look less than their best after a flight. Most of us just don't have busybodies reporting on our demeanor afterwards.

Paris Jackson on IG

And then there's Paris' behavior over the past year.

Early this year, Paris nearly plummeted to her death while dancing on a rooftop.

Those of us with a sensible fear of heights and zero inclination to risk our lives ever were horrified to watch her nearly lose her balance.

She was not alone, however, and she didn't fall--she just stumbled.

But temporarily wobblings near the edge of a roof is not the same thing as climbing up to a great height and contemplating jumping.

It was scary, but probably not a real red flag.

Paris Jackson, Wild Hair

Fans were happy to spot her locking lips with Cara Delevingne, but saddened when their relationship seemed to fizzle out over the summer.

When Cara was seen with Pretty Little Liars star Ashley Benson, some worried about how Paris would feel.

But Paris made it very clear on social media that she and Cara were never exclusive, anyway.

Besides, much more recently, it's been all about Paris and Gabriel Glenn.

We don't think that her non-exclusive relationship with Cara coming to a close drove her mental health over the edge.

Also, though Paris mourned her grandfather, Joe Jackson, she has loving family and supportive friends.

We don't think that his passing gave her a breakdown. It just made her sad.

Paris Jackson, Topless with Cards

Paris is a hippie. She likes pot. Her hair isn't always picture-perfect. She has a very chill approach to most things in life.

That's just part of who she is, as a person.

It's understandable that fans, especially those who are younger, might be concerned about her when they hear rumors.

And it's expected that some of her family might wish that she conducted herself differently.

Paris is her own person and a free spirit, and ultimately, she's going to live her life on her terms -- instead of worrying only about optics.

Good for her.

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