Sarah Silverman & Jon Hamm Are Boning. Somewhere, Bill Maher Seethes With Envy

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These days, many standup comics have abandoned the whole "being funny" aspect of their job and are instead offering up some uncomfortable combination of political rallying and primal scream therapy that might best be described as shrieking to the choir.

We get it. Times are tough; the news is scary; and awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversations are barrelling down on you like a pack of heavily armed troops headed for the Mexican border.

Sarah Silverman Poses

Thankfully, some comics are channeling their frustration into a more conciliatory approach.

Sarah Silverman is leading the way in terms of seeking answers and mending fences.

Whether she's touring the country in search of common ground as part of her acclaimed Hulu series or squashing beefs with MAGA chuds on social media, Silverman is doing work that's not only entertaining, but important.

Sarah Silverman Makes a Face

So it's only fair that society should reward her with its most sought-after prize.

We're talking, of course, about the Hamm Dong.

Yes, if a new report from Radar Online is to be believed, Silverman has formed an acquaintanceship Jon Hamm's gargantuan wang.

Jon Hamm-Sarah Silverman

Sources say the longtime friends have been hooking up in recent weeks, and while they're not officially a couple, they've apparently been spending a lot of time together.

Which we assume involves participating in Hamm's favorite activities, such as wearing light gray sweatpants and watching reruns of Mad Men while speculating about how many Emmys Jon would have won if it weren't for that bastard Cranston.

Insiders say Hamm and Silverman seemed more than friendly with one another at the Ralph Breaks the Internet premiere on November 6.

Jon Hamm Mad Men Premiere

Hamm was on hand again when Silverman accepted her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame just three days later.

“They’ve known each other a long time and always been close,” an insider tells Radar.

“But Jon was in a longtime relationship until a couple of years ago.

Jon Hamm at the 2015 Emmys

“The door then opened for Jon and Sarah,” the source adds.

“They’re comfortable with one another — so why not?”

Why not, indeed. We can think of no reason why these attractive, talented, and politically like-minded souls shouldn't connect.

Sarah Silverman Cleavage Photo

But we also can't help but sympathize with Bill Maher.

We're not sure why we're convinced that Maher would give up his life of arguing with Republican hookers to settle down with Sarah.

Maybe it's all those years of watching him flirt with his fellow comic before awkwardly seguing into "New Rules," but something tells us Bill always imagined a future in which Sarah would balance him out to form a couple that's perfectly neutral in terms of likability.

Bill Maher on Real Time

Sigh. Oh, well.

The best thing Bill can do these days is keep his distance so he doesn't wind up getting laid out like Jimmy Barrett when he went toe-to-toe with Don Draper.

What, you folks aren't into esoteric references to 10-year-old Mad Men episodes?

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