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Whether you love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Kailyn Lowry had one hell of a rough upbringing.

Obviously, the most publicized aspect of Lowry’s adolescence was her teen pregnancy, which led her to seek solace and shelter with Jo Rivera’s family after being abandoned by her mother.

Kailyn Lowry in Cut Offs

In the years since, Lowry has described her mother as an alcoholic and stated that the two have them seldom have any contact.

She’s been less vocal on the subject of her father, and it turns out there’s good reason for that.

As she revealed in a recent tweet, Kail hasn’t seen her father since Thanksgiving of 2009.

Kailyn Lowry Announces

“The week of Thanksgiving 2009 was when I met my dad for the first time," Kail tweeted yesterday.

"And even though we haven’t met again. That was an important time in my life.”

If you’ve been with the Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant franchise from the very beginning, then Kail’s revelation may not come as much of a surprise.

Kailyn Lowry and Her Sons

As In Touch Weekly points out, Kailyn’s reunion with the man who impregnated her mother was captured by an MTV camera crew.

“I met my sperm donor for the first and last time on 16 and Pregnant. I was 17-years-old and I never looked back. He doesn’t reach out and neither do I,” she stated in an interview earlier this year.

“It gets lonely around holidays and I’m sad for my kids during those times…but I wouldn’t be where I am today if things were different.”

With Lincoln

So when Kail says the meeting with her father constituted an "important time" in her life, we assume she means that it solidified what she had long suspected:

She would be forced to face the challenges of adulthood without any support from her parents.

Lowry affirmed this sad reality in her most recent memoir: 

“I didn’t ever have an example of a mother or father when I was growing up,” she wrote in A Letter of Love.

Kailyn Lowry on a Set

“Since I didn’t have a point of reference on how to love, I desperately want my boys to understand that I have tried to love them in the best way that I can.”

These days, not only is Kail a loving and devoted mother, she’s also a wildly successful businesswoman who has launched and maintained a one-woman media empire worth millions.

We think it’s safe to say she’s one apple who fell very far from the tree.