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If you’ve seen our Keeping Up With The Kardashians recap, you know that Tristan’s presence in the delivery room was complicated.

Khloe’s sisters — and a lot of her fans — were horrified that she allowed him in, just two days after learning about his cheating.

But Khloe has taken to Twitter to defend her choice and to say that banishing Tristan would have ruined her daughter’s birth.

Khloe in Her Delivery Room

Though Khloe initially avoided reliving her childbirth, she began tweeting along with fans and responding to their concerns.

"I love my sisters more than anything else in this world," Khloe begins.

"And," Khloe writes. "I completely respect and honor their opinions."

"But they were not there when I started going into labor," she says.

"And," Khloe affirms. "I told Tristan what I wanted for the delivery room."

In other words, she loves her sisters but nobody gets to play gatekeeper on her delivery day. That’s fair.

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Khloe continued her tweets, telling fans that she wasn’t sweeping Tristan’s behavior under the rug.

"I made it very clear that I was still disgusted by his actions," Khloe states.

"But," she continues. "I wasn’t going to let ANYTHING ruin this moment I’ve been waiting for my ENTIRE life."

We’ll talk about Khloe’s mindset more below.

Because it seems like she wanted to have a picture-perfect childbirth the way that most people want a picture-perfect wedding.

Most people hope that their childbirth is healthy and safe, not that everyone make-believe that their personal life is all good.

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"Regardless of what Tristan did to me," Khloe writes. "I was never going to take that moment away from True or Tristan."

Obviously, newborns don’t even know their own names.

Khloe seems to be projecting certain concepts onto her then-brand-new daughter.

Khloe continues: "She should not be punished for his actions."

(On a personal note, and I don’t mean to belittle Khloe’s feelings, but I laughed aloud as I read this line from her tweet)

"He is her father," Khloe affirms. "And they both deserve to love one another as deeply as they possibly can."

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Khloe again seems to feel that childbirth is some sort of social crucible rather than an excruciating biological process.

"A birth," Khloe writes. "Is not something you can ‘redo.’"

Well we would certainly hope not. Mortality rates are high enough with childbirth the first time around.

"Once you make that choice," Khloe notes. "You can never get it back."

She then urges her fans and followers to look at the bigger picture, which apparently somehow hinges upon who is in the room when she pops out a tiny human.

"#KUWTK think big people," Khloe concludes.

Khloe Kardashian, Post-Birth Picture

Obviously, Khloe has the right to allow anyone she likes to be present for her childbirth.

But it looks like she has romanticized the process of giving birth so much that

Newborn babies are precious and deserve love, but they’re not yet aware enough.

On no level — including True’s subconscious — would she ever feel any differently about her father not being present.

It may be that Khloe’s widely reported fear that Tristan may ghost True drove her to have him in the room.

Maybe he would feel a closer bond with her if he watches her screaming entrance into the world.

Or … maybe it’s just Khloe’s fixation on the concept of childbirth that drove her to tolerate his presence.

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As we said, Khloe has every right to decide who is or is not in the delivery room with her.

But what many fans find so troubling is her mind-set.

These tweets of hers really seem to lend credence to reports that Khloe fears Tristan will abandon True.

It’s like she’s hoping that he’ll imprint upon True and always be there to form the nuclear family that Khloe seems to be convinced that True needs.

In real life, loving parents are wonderful, but parents who have to be tricked into being there for their kids probably aren’t worth the effort.