Khloe Kardashian: Terrified Tristan Thompson Will Abandon His Family?!

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Khloe Kardashian was swelling with both maternal and auntly pride when she shared a photo of five Kardashian babies in one spot.

But, according to a new report, it turns out that her private life is being dictated by her fears about True's future.

Is Khloe clinging to Tristan because she worries that, if she leaves him, he'll abandon True, too?

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Kiss

RadarOnline reports that Khloe is clingy with her cheating baby daddy for one reason and one reason only.

"Khloe’s worst nightmare is that Tristan will be an absent father to True," the insider reveals.

The report is quick to make it clear that Khloe is still dating him for her own reasons.

"She loves him," the source clarifies.

"But," the insider continues. "The reason she’s clingy is because she doesn’t want him to be a part-time dad to True."

Jordan Craig Mirror Selfie

Khloe's fear is apparently that Tristan will be an absentee father to True "like he is to his son."

Tristan's son, of course, is one-year-old Prince.

Jordan Craig, pictured above wearing red, is Tristan's ex.

This report claims that Tristan doesn't make time for his ex's kid in the way that he does for his current woman's child.

The source says that Tristan only sees Prince "every now and then."

Tristan Thompson, Kids

Apparently, photos like this one of Tristan with both of his children, symbolize what is most important to Khloe.

"Every time Tristan brought gifts home for True," the insider says. "Khloe reminded him to send some to Prince."

It is heartbreaking to hear even an unverified report that a father had to be reminded about one of his children.

"She wanted him to spoil his son the same way he spoiled True," the source explains.

Good for Khloe. You should always love your children, not just whichever one happens to be in front of you at the time.

Tristan Thompson Kisses Baby True Thompson

Apparently Khloe's concerns have a lot to do with her own issues.

We hate to call them "daddy issues" because it's sounds dismissive, but ... they're daddy issues.

"Khloe was devastated when her dad died," the source explains.

"And," the insider continues, Khloe "wants True and Tristan to have a strong bond."

Khloe wants Tristan and True to have a relationship "like she did with her dad, no matter what."

Khloe Kardashian Holds Beautiful Baby True

Robert Kardashian's death was heartbreaking for his entire family. He was a good man who adored his children.

Since the first -- at the time, unfathomable -- reports came out back in April that Khloe had not dumped Tristan's cheating ass, people have wondered why.

Even then, people suspected that Khloe's own issues related to her late father made her reluctant to break up with Tristan.

Some children are happy that their parents divorced, others simply adjust or cope. But others will spend their lives believing that it should never have happened.

Did Khloe refuse to break up in the first place because her own experience with divorce made her believe that True needs both parents?

We suspect that, on some level, even Khloe couldn't answer that with absolute certainty.

A Kiss Between Lovers

Is this report true? We ... kind of hope not.

Don't get us wrong, it would totally explain why Khloe has remained with the man who humiliated her in front of the world at such a critical moment in their relationship.

But the report almost suggests that Khloe is using her affections to secure a father figure for True.

A real father -- which we would like to believe that Tristan is -- wouldn't need Khloe's smothering attention to remind him of either of his children.

If he really can't be a good dad on his own, then tricking him into doing it isn't doing True any favors.

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