Kelly Dodd: Vicki Gunvalson Should Be FIRED for Claiming I Do Cocaine!

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The Real Housewives of Orange County's reunion special hit a snag when Vicki Gunvalson accused Kelly Dodd of doing cocaine.

Kelly was infuriated by the unsupported accusation.

Now, she's demanding that Vicki be fired from the show. Will she get her wish?

Kelly Dodd Flips Out

RadarOnline reports that production sources are taking Kelly Dodd's demands with a grain of salt.

"They’ve all tried to say that about each other at some point," the insider reveals.

That's pretty much true.

"Every season," the source continues. "There is someone who claims to want someone fired."

Well, that's what happens when you put a bunch of high-strung women in the same room together and film them, day after day.

Somebody gets pissed.

Otherwise, the franchise wouldn't be such a success.

Vicki Gunvalson at the 2018 Reunion Special

Apparently producers have a plan for getting Kelly to back off.

"They’re going to give them a few months to cool off," the insider reports.

They're hoping that cooler heads will prevail and that time will heal all wounds.

"And," the source says. "Production hasn’t even gotten to contracts yet."

Sometimes, you wait until someone's in the right mood before you get them to agree to continue filming.

Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson

Hopefully, Kelly will mellow out.

Her anger may be justified, but her wish just isn't going to come true.

"There is pretty much no way that they will fire Vicki," the insider affirms. "Ever."

Well, yeah.

Vicki Gunvalson hasn't remained a star of this show by accident.

If she starts murdering people, Andy will boot her off. Until then, her job is very secure.

Kelly Dodd Hugs Daughter Jolie

At the reunion, Vicki also accused Kelly of being a neglectful mother to her 12-year-old daughter, Jolie.

Kelly later shared a video response in which Jolie, as politely as possible, called Vicki "kind of a bitch."

No one is disputing Jolie's words (who among the Real Housewives doesn't match this description?).

But some fans took Jolie's words as "proof" that Kelly really is a bad mom.

Apparently, good parents are supposed to pretend that middle schoolers aren't the most foul-mouthed people on the planet.

In reality, Jolie was defending her mother's reputation.

Vicki took to social media to comment: "The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree."

Vicki Gunvalson at Home

Hopes that Kelly will cool off may be well-founded, because she'd apparently done that once before.

"Everything plays out again when the show airs," the source explains.

That makes sense. You relive the moment before your eyes and it's discussed again. Those old hurts are dredged up again.

The insider reports: "Kelly and Vicki left the reunion in a good place."

"We hope," the source says, that "they can get in a good place again."

That's interesting, because we had heard that Vicki and Kelly were the only ones who didn't leave the reunion "in a good place."

Different people have different perceptions, we suppose.

Vicki Gunvalson Waves a Knife

So, we fully expect to see Vicki and Kelly again.

The ideal situation, for producers and for viewers alike, is for them to dislike each other just enough to be entertaining.

If they cross the line and dislike each other too much to film together, well, that's when shows fall apart.

Hopefully, they both know where their bread is buttered and won't throw away a good thing over a sense of pride.

When you're a reality star, pride and dignity go out the window.

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