Kate Middleton Actually Addresses Meghan Markle Pregnancy, Tries to Bury Feud

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Kate Middleton has broken her silence, folks.

And she's done so just as rumors of a rivalry with Meghan Markle have reached their loudest, most fevered pitch to date.

Middleton and Markle

Over the past few weeks, one outlet after another has quoted various sources that say these two Duchesses don't really get along.

At all, in fact.

For instance: There was a report in The Sun that claimed Markle made Middleton cry this past spring during a fitting for Royal Wedding dresses.

The bride-to-be at the time took this exercise very seriously and made things very uncomfortable for Middleton during this outing, the report explains, adding that Kate broke down in tears because she was three months pregnant and having trouble fitting into any gowns.

The feud has allegedly grown only uglier since this incident, with Middleton supposedly angry at Markle for stealing her spotlight.

Kate Middleton Waves Hi

This is it's worth noting that Middleton has at last spoken out in public about Markle and Prince Harry's impending child.

During her visit with husband Prince William to Leicester University on Wednesday, a fan asked Middleton about her three kids: Prince George, 5; Princess Charlotte, 3; and Prince Louis, 7 months.

“They’re doing well, thank you,” Kate replied in a video shared by Harry_Meghan_Updates on Instagram.

She added:

“They’re getting excited for Christmas time, because they’ve started all their Christmas songs and the Christmas trees are going up.

"And Louis’ getting bigger, I can’t believe he’s like seven months, he’s getting to be a big boy."

Meghan Markle Remembers

Okay, fine. Great. Whatever.

But is Middleton excited about Markle's pregnancy and the life growing inside her supposed frenemy's womb?

"Absolutely!" she responded when asked by this same woman. “It’s such a special time to have little kiddies. And a cousin for George and Charlotte, as well, and Louis.

"It’ll be really special.”

She sounded sincere, insiders say.

Markle and Middleton

Markle and Middleton attended Wimbledon together this year, but have not been seen out and about very often.

Granted, their schedule and their Royal Responsibilities keep each very busy, yet a lack of time together in the spotlight hasn't helped quell chatter that they despise one another.

Also not helping?

Markle and Harry planning to move far away from Kate and William in order to raise their child. 

Prior to this statement from Middleton, the only time we had heard from her on the topic of Markle's expecting state was when the Palace relayed word that William and Kate were “delighted” for Harry and Meghan.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton! Together!

Mght Internet users and gossip sites be focusing too much on anonymous quotes and unproven stories to push the narrative that these famous spouses dislike each other?

Yes, such things have happened before.

But Markle's reputation has taken a significant hit in general these days.

The shine is off, some might say -- and she simply sucks a whole lot, others have already said.

In what ways? What sort of examples can we give?

Click below to find out!

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