The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Who Accused Kelly Dodd of Taking Cocaine?

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Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson were once BFFs, but their friendship has fallen on tough times of late, and the wedge between them evolved into an iceberg on Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. 

It all started when Vicki thought it was a good idea to spend time with Kelly's ex-husband Michael and even going as far as setting him up with a new woman. 

Kelly Dodd Flips Out

Kelly felt like there was no way back for the two former friends, so she used the reunion to trash Vicki as much as she could. 

"She's like a fart, she's silent but deadly, you know," said Kelly, who struggled to keep the tears away. 

Not one to allow someone to trash her, Vicki yelled that Kelly was like "a baboon."

"Turn around and look at yourself in the mirror," screamed Kelly, who later suggested that Vicki be named "Lies-a-Minnelli."

"I don't do cocaine, sorry," snapped Vicki, prompting Kelly to go into a rage. 

Vicki Gunvalson for Season 13

"I don't do cocaine either…Are you saying I cocaine?... You're saying that because I smoke a little herb?"

'I can't believe you're making accusations like that. I'm a mother,' Kelly said with tears running down her face. 

That wasn't enough to change Vicki's views, and the OG of the OC went on to say that Kelly was not spending any time with her daughter. 

'So now Kelly's in tears because you said she did cocaine and that she's a bad mother,' Andy Cohen said as though he was trying to restrain himself from laughing. 

"All I know is she has not been very kind," Vicki later added.

"That's just what we heard...No, I don't have any evidence," she told Tamra Judge.

Vicki Gunvalson at Home

Kelly went on to say that her ex-husband has always had her back, but Vicki was not done with the insults. 

'He told me [it was] 14 years of hell, being married to you."

Okay then. 

Emily Simpson and Gina Kirshenheiter went on to drag Vicki for making for making fun of them for liking to drink in bars. 

"This is Vicki's MO, she's hypocritical," said Emily.

Emily Simpson for Season 13

"I don't want to be single," Vicki shot back. 

"I can't help it that I don't have a husband," said Gina. 

The conversation turned to how Vicki was different with her new man, Steve Lodge. 

"I felt like she was changing to keep Steve happy," added Tamra, while Gina took issue with the way Vicki handled the news of her divorce. 

"You made it seem like I was going to hell," she yelled

Shannon Beador Debuts New Look

While there was no shortage of the toxicity, Shannon debuted her new look after losing 32 pounds and getting some plastic surgery. 

"I'm doing good," said the 54-year-old with a smile. 

RHOC continues next Sunday on Bravo. 

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