The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Housewives & Heifers

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The newest addition to The Real Housewives of New Jersey is not all she cracked up to be. 

Wednesday's episode of the Bravo hit made the housewives see Jennifer Aydin in a new light, and it became abundantly clear that this new star is not the person everyone thought she was. 

Jennifer Aydin Promotes The Real Housewives of New Jersey

If you watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online, you know that Aydin appeared as one of the more down-to-earth cast members when she debuted, despite the fact that her husband wants her to spend every waking moment with the children. 

On a recent episode, her husband was less than impressed that Jennifer wanted to go to Oklahoma with her fellow cast members, and with the ladies on the trip during Wednesday's installment, viewers got a glimpse of Aydin's true nature. 

It's not easy for someone to go from living the high life to living the not so high life, but Jennifer had already stirred up some drama when she complained that she wanted to stay in one of the nicer rooms. 

The ladies were out for dinner early into the episode and got talking about what they liked to do in the snow. That's when the housewives realized this newbie was not like any of them. 

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 9 Cast

"It's so much work. I was miserable the whole time, so I just left the nanny with them," she said of taking her children skiing. 

"I don't have a nanny that raises my kids; I have a 'wife.' That's what I call it. I have a woman to cook and clean for me because I have seven bedrooms upstairs. I have two more guest rooms in my basement, and my basement has 11-foot high ceilings."

The true kicker was that Jennifer went on to say that she does bag searches of people who frequent her home ... including her nannies. 

"I have a security system in my house," she continued. "A lot of the rooms have cameras, and my nannies -- before they leave -- I do random bag checks."

It certainly ruffled some feathers, and fellow newbie, Jackie Goldschneider brought up a very good point. 

To wit:

"You trust people with your children but not with your silverware?" Jackie complained in a confessional. 

Dolores Catania Promotes RHONJ

That wasn't all from Jennifer. She went on to say that she went out to a nightclub dressed up as a dominatrix. Jennifer had been somewhat reserved during her first episodes on the show, but she's more than making up for that now. 

"I never told my husband about the dominatrix thing until after we were engaged," she said in a confessional.

"He was a little bit shocked, but he was kind of like, 'Okay, now go whip some shit up -- but in the kitchen.'"

Okay then. 

Jackie and Margaret took issue with the way Jennifer was acting and complained that they didn't think they were getting the real person. 

In true reality TV fashion, they said this out of earshot of the newbie. 

Tensions continued to mount when the ladies decided that the person who lost out on the cattle show would have to sleep in the trailer. 

Everyone seemed on board ... except for Jennifer. 

Margaret Josephs

"It was very tight. I mean, I have a very large house. I come from 16 bathrooms," she told the women.

"We were told we were going to a ranch. It's a 1,000-acre ranch. I thought it was maybe gonna be luxurious. Seriously, one bathroom in the hallway for all those bedrooms? It's really hard. It's really easy in life to move up, but it's hard to go back down."

"God has a very funny way of humbling people," said Dolores Catania who was thankful for what she had, and was the one sleeping in the trailer. 

Jennifer then got even more obnoxious by speaking highly of her home after she asked the ladies if they would be interested in visiting. 

"I've had people compare it Monte Carlo or a hotel in France," Jennifer told them. "What I've been describing about the house -- it just doesn't do it justice. I have this huge fountain!"

"I have a fountain, too," said Teresa as it became clear these housewives were comparing fountains. 

Teresa Giudice Promotes RHONJ

Jennifer continued with the insults about Oklahoma, and she seemingly saved the best for near the end of the episode. 

"If I have a few days off, I wanna go where it's sunny. I wanna go where it's glamorous," she whined.

"But like, Oklahoma? What are you gonna go cow-tipping? I feel like if I came here, I would probably just stay in a hotel."

Margaret's friend, Polly, who was allowing all the women in her home had to leave the situation because she was tired of her way of life being dragged. 

The drama continued to ramp up when they returned to Polly's home, and Jennifer took issue with the music. 

"What is this country music? What a f--king snore," she yelled. 

Jennifer Aydin in Oklahoma

"Like, people listen to that music? Ha! She coulda played some house music or something and get really turned up. You know, cater to the guest!"

Margaret reprimanded Jennifer for her comments and for being "socially inappropriate."

"Okay, so I'm socially inappropriate. What're you gonna do about it? I don't like the music! I'm entitled to an opinion," Jennifer fired back. 

Yeah, Jennifer is not the nice person she first appeared to be!

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