Meghan Markle Has Become a "Fire-Breathing Dragon" Who Everyone Hates [Report]

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Is it too late for the USA Network to re-hire Meghan Markle for the next season of Suits?

This is what many people high up in the Royal Family are now wondering, following a series of negative reports about the Duchess of Sussex that paint her in a very negative light.

Has she really turned into a diva? A spoiled brat? Something worse?

Or was she this way all along and was simply able to keep her dark side under wraps until she was married, pregnant and ingrained in British society?

We may never know.

But various insiders and sources are saying some pretty awful stuff about Markle these days.

Scroll down for some examples...

1. A Devil is Disguise?

A Devil is Disguise?
No more Mrs. Nice Markle? After making a strong first impression on those around her, Meghan Markle is now being accused of sucking a lot across the board.

2. When Did the Complaints Start?

When Did the Complaints Start?
Right around May 19, the date on which Markle married Prince Harry. According to one report, Markle pissed off the Queen by pushing to wear an inappropriate tiara for her big day, prompting Her Highness to GO OFF about the uprising.

3. Really? What Did Elizabeth Say?

Really? What Did Elizabeth Say?
“There was a very heated exchange that prompted the Queen to speak to Harry," claims this report. "She said, ‘Meghan cannot have whatever she wants. She gets what tiara she’s given by me.'"

4. Yikes. What Else?

Yikes. What Else?
Markle and Harry's private secretary has resigned from her post. So has Markle's personal assistant, someone named Melissa. Many close to the Royal Family have been wondering if Meghan's attitude is driving away employees who are sick of her demanding ways.

5. Royal Protocol? Royal Schmortocol!

Royal Protocol? Royal Schmortocol!
Markle has been accused of thumbing her nose at Royal Traditions for weeks now, baring her shoulders in public, for instance, and daring to hold her husband's hand.

6. Wait, What? These Are Royal Violations?!?

Wait, What? These Are Royal Violations?!?
Yes. That family could compete with The Duggars in terms of how conservative and, some might say, far behind the modern times it has become.

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