Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Pile on the PDA in London!

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Last week, when Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got their marriage license, one of the eyewitnesses reported that they'd said something about leaving the country.

These two lovebirds have done just that. And while they may claim that they're not married yet, they're not exactly hiding their affection.

On top of their PDA, Justin went so far as to serenade Hailey in the streets of London.

Hailey Baldwin with Justin Bieber, Best Friends Photo

Justin is supporting his not-wife Hailey, as the couple crossed the pond so that Hailey can walk the runway at the Falcon Catwalk Show with Adidas Originals.

While they were there, fans spotted the couple out and about, including Justin playing his guitar for Hailey.

An eyewitness to Justin and Hailey's public displays of affection told E! all about it.

"They were very affectionate," the witness reports.

The source goes on to describe the two "stopping on street corners to pull each other in close to kiss."

Justin Bieber, Fiancee

The image of Justin and Hailey being so head over heels for each other that they could barely walk around London is a sweet one.

"They never let each other get too far," the witness describes.

"And," the source continues, they "were always touching each other and laughing."

Apparently, this continued even when they tried to appreciate their surroundings.

All Aboard This Plane

Justin and Hailey waited in line to ride the London Eye, a famous landmark ferris wheel that people can ride in order to appreciate other landmarks.

While in line, the two "couldn't stop kissing."

That is so cute -- and may be evidence that the two are flooded with feelings of marital bliss.

The eyewitness describes this kissing as going on the "entire time."

Which means that they missed out on at least some of the sights. But that's understandable.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin Kiss

The eyewitness explains that there was some healthy communication going on.

"Every few minutes," the source says. "They kissed again before they went back to talking and smiling."

Kissing is fine and well, but we hear that it's good to talk to your wife -- or, uh, future wife.

The singing is nice, too.

Justin Bieber with Hailey Baldwin

However, it doesn't sound like they were too busy locking lips to remember where they were.

"They checked out the views of the city and had a great time," the witness adds.

And their tour of London continued beyond the ferris wheel.

"Afterwards," the eyewitness describes. "They walked along the river and checked out Big Ben."

To be clear, that's the literal clock and not a euphemism for the Biebs' penis.

Hailey Baldwin Flaunts Her Tan Lines

After Hailey and Justin obtained their marriage license, the two were considered legally married -- but Hailey took to Twitter to shut it down.

"I understand where the speculation is coming from," Hailey tweeted on Friday, September 14. "But I'm not married yet!"

As was later explained, Hailey and Justin don't consider themselves married until they have their wedding.

That is totally fair -- especially since these two diehard Christians consider marriage to be a religious commitment rather than merely a legal status for their relationship.

We have a sneaking suspicion that when Justin and Hailey marry -- some time before early November, we imagine -- they will let the world know.

They don't seem to be hiding their affection, after all.

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