Jon Gosselin: I'm Gonna Rescue Collin in Time For Christmas!

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Over the weekend, Collin Gosselin resurfaced in photos of him visiting his father, Jon Gosselin.

This was heartwarming for countless fans, especially since they know that Jon has filed for custody of Collin.

Now, a family friend has opened up -- and reveals that Collin could be home with Jon and Hannah surprisingly soon.

Jon Gosselin, Son

Eric Rodriguez is the guy who's been cutting Jon Gosselin's hair for about 20 years now.

Just this week, Jon shared a photo of Eric with Collin, and referred to Eric as "family."

Well Eric spoke to RadarOnline to reveal that Jon's quest to bring his son home has a goal: before Christmas.

"Jon is hoping for December 18," Eric reveals.

Folks, that's only a little over a month away.

Speaking of Collin, Eric says: "Lets hope he gets out soon."

Collin Gosselin Photo

We all share the sentiment of hoping that Collin is soon free.

Fans all want him to be free of the institution that holds him and free of Kate, who put him there and made his childhood a living hell.

But Eric has actually seen and spoken to Collin recently, as the photo Jon shared makes abundandly clear.

Eric says that Collin seemed "so happy" during his visit.

"Oh my god. His smile," Eric gushes to RadarOnline. "Honestly, his smile was unbelievable"

Collin Gosselin

Eric even shares that Collin seems very healthy.

"He lost a lot of weight from the last picture I saw of him that Jon showed me," Eric divulges.

it is important to remember that teenagers tend to have weights and body proportions that fluctuate wildly as they grow.

"He looks really, really good," Eric concludes.

That is so heartwarming to hear.

Collin has been out of sight -- but not out of mind -- for the better part of two years.

Jon with Daughter

As we reported, on October 24, Jon Gosselin filed for custody of Collin.

In the court documents filed in Pennsylvania court, Jon argues that it's in Collin's best interests to live with him.

Anyone familiar with Kate's troubled and at times allegedly violent interactions with Collin will find that difficult to dispute.

Hannah is already with her father, and most of her siblings have gotten to spend time with him here and there.

Now, no one is saying that Jon should be winning any Father of the Year Awards.

but Kate will be hard pressed to prove to the court that he should return to the home from which she banished him.

Jon Gosselin and Kids, July 4th 2016

Collin was sent away in the first place for vague "special needs."

Jon has explained in the past that Collin is smart and questions Kate, which infuriates her.

Kate has been widely perceived as being deeply controlling, which brought her into conflict with her son who wanted to be his own person.

Some fans believe that his alleged "anger issues" are simply the result of growing up under the suffocating constraints of Kate's household.

Others believe that perhaps he inherited his mother's rage, and that working on it in an institution as he has is the best way to keep him from turning into another Kate.

Either way, it sounds like him leaving Kate's household, as hard as it must have been, was for the best.

Jon Gosselin, Hannah

But now, countless fans are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping that Collin can come and live with Jon.

It's not super clear how many of his children Jon can afford to support on a DJ's salary.

But plenty of parents have made do with less in order to give their children a safe, loving home.

Jon and Kate have been waging a custody battle off and on for nearly a decade, now, since their messy split in 2009.

Maybe Collin can finally join Hannah and get to start really experiencing his teenage years.

Leaving his current institution just to return to Kate's house sounds like an "out of the frying pan, into the fire" situation.

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