Anna Duggar Still Trying to Make Fans Forgive Creep Husband

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For weeks now, we've been talking about Josh Duggar's comeback tour.

We regret to inform you that it's still in full swing, and some of the people who were most brutally victimized by Josh are putting all of their efforts into helping him rebuild his reputation.

Josh Duggar on Election Day

As you're likely aware, midterm elections were held all over America yesterday, and many celebs took to social media to help get out the vote.

Anna Duggar was one such civic-minded public figure.

She posted the patriotic family photo above along with the following caption:

“It’s election day!" Anna wrote.

Josh Kisses Anna

"Voting is a wonderful freedom, opportunity, and responsibility, and the outcome of this election will greatly affect our families and the future of this great nation. 

“Let’s use this responsibility wisely! #vote #littleduggars.”

Of course, Anna's message about heading out to the polls was overshadowed by the presence of Josh on her page.

Josh Duggar Is Back

In the years that followed the Josh Duggar sex scandals, the father of five mostly kept a low profile, but these days he's all over social media once again.

As In Touch Weekly points out, the reaction to Anna posting a pic of her husband was decidedly mixed.

“Awwwww missed seeing you and your family,” wrote one follower.

“You guys look great!!! I’m so happy to see all of you!!!” commented another.

Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar, and Kids in 2017

On the other side of the debate were Duggar fans who would be happy to never again lay eyes on Josh.

"It breaks my heart every time I see a pic of Anna and her children with Josh. They deserve better than him,” wrote one such user.

After years of keeping a safe distance from social media, Josh has been making public appearances again, often with Anna and other members of his famous family by his side.

Josh Duggar Cries

The Duggars probably feel that enough time has passed and it's now appropriate for Josh to re-enter the spotlight.

What they fail to consider is that Josh avoided jail time for a number of vile sex crimes and most decent people realize it will never be okay for him to re-enter public life.

Of course, most of the world just found out about Josh's crimes in 2015.

The Duggars have been sweeping his past under the carpet for so long it's probably second nature to them at this point.

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