Tristan Thompson to Kardashians: Stop Making Me Feel Guilty About Cheating!

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On Sunday night's long-awaited episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, viewers witnessed the shocking moment when Khloe discovered that Tristan Thompson had cheated on her while she was pregnant with his baby.

All of that happened back in April, but just like their fans, the members of the Kard clan were forced to relive the drama during this week's episode.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson on Halloween

And not surprisingly, it seems no one had a harder time watching it all unfold than Tristan Thompson.

According to Hollywood Life, Tristan watched the episode at Khloe's behest and was appalled by the reminder of how much pain he had caused the mother of his child.

"Tristan is full of regret after seeing how much he hurt not only Khloe but the whole Kardashian family by his actions,” a source tells the site.

Cuddle for Khloe

"After watching the latest episode of KUWTK, Tristan feels pretty horrible about what he put Khloe and her whole family through because of his poor decisions.”

We know that in the past, Tristan has felt victimized and unfairly maligned by the Kardashians and their fans.

Apparently, Khloe was correct in her theory that witnessing the aftermath of his cheating scandal would cause Thompson to realize he's not the victim in all of this.

Khloe Kardashian with the Smooch

It's great that he finally came around, but the fact that he's that emotionally stunted is a sure sign that Khloe needs to head for the hills.

“Tristan feels like a jerk and feels like he never meant to hurt the ones he loves,” the source goes on.

“He feels bad that he betrayed Khloe’s love and trust, especially during a critical time in their relationship, just as she was about to give birth to his baby.”

Mom and Dad Pic

Again, it's great that he's realizing he behaved like a complete POS, but why did it take him this long?

The insider adds that Tristan “finally got to see how angry Kim and all the sisters had been at him" and that he now realizes he has several relationships to fix.

“So he has been working hard to repair the damage done to not just Khloe but to everyone in the family.”

And it seems like he's making a good deal of progress on that front.

Tristan and Khloe

Kim forgave Tristan over the summer and made it official by posting an Instagram video with True's father.

It's unclear how he's doing with the rest of the family, but Kris Jenner has proven time and again that she's very forgiving when it comes to deplorable behavior from her daughters' boyfriends.

So despite the many rumors about Khloe and Tristan breaking up, it looks as though these two are gonna make it work.

They just need a camera crew around them at all times so that Tristan can review the footage after he misbehaves.

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