Jeremy Roloff: Forget Politicians, Only Jesus Can Save You!

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Jeremy Roloff does not want to get political

Really, he doesn't.

But the ex-Little People, Big World star felt a need to speak up this week on Election Day.

Jeremy Roloff on the Insta

With millions and millions of people heading out to their voting locations this past Tuesday, Jeremy took to Instagram and actually discouraged followers from choosing between politicians.

Okay, that's not entirely true.

But Jeremy definitely did not pull a Taylor Swift and endorse any candidates.

Nor was he one of the many, MANY people who shared their "I Voted" sticker on his social media account.

Instead, Roloff touted the help of his Lord and Savior and suggested that people turn to religion instead of politics if they really want to make a change in their lives.

Kissing Little Ember

"The political climate in America is suffocating, no one can deny that," wrote Jeremy to open his semi-controversial message on November 6, adding by way of reassurance:

"And don’t worry, this isn’t a “political post.” But since it’s vote day, I thought I’d at least acknowledge the chaos."

It's more commonly referred to as Election Day, but we're sorry. Go on, Jeremy...

"As we turn in our ballots today, remember, politics are not our savior, Jesus is," he wrote, expounding as follows:

"No matter the political lean of your fellow American, treat them with respect. Don’t let your political passion outweigh your human decency."

Audrey and Jeremy in Autumn

Jeremy and his wife, Audrey, have always been very open about their faith and their religion, of course.

The latter recently explained to fans all the lessons that God has taught her over the years.

Along similar lines, this is how Jeremy concluded his Election Day pist:

The tides of cultural morality are just that - tides. But we have a unwavering rock to stand on - the Word of God.

I’m not saying that the answer to measure 101 can be found in Habakkuk; what I’m saying is that we are carrying the name of Christ and His word has a lot to say about how we should conduct ourselves.

We cary His name, so let’s act like it.

Vote, research, stand up for what aches you, but don’t do it at the expense of the real cure - discipleship to Jesus.

Hugging Ember

It's an interesting take.

We're not sure if dedicating one's life to the teachings of Jesus Christ means you can't also be politically active, but we at least understand where Jeremy is coming from.

The former TLC star, sadly, will not be returning to Little People, Big World next season.

But he and Audrey have found new forums in which they can express views such as these.

Look for their memoir to be released in early 2019 and for their podcast to even hit your ear buds in the near future.

Find out the name of it HERE!

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