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Just days ago, Kenya Moore welcomed her first child with husband Marc Daly.

It was a difficult, premature birth brought on by pregnancy complications.

Now, Kenya is opening up about her recovery, and the differences between real life and reality television.

Kenya Moore Goes on a Target Run after C-section

"#realVsReality," Kenya tagged her video, pointing at how real life and reality television are very different.

"#brooklyndaly came early," she reminds her fans and followers of her newborn daughter.

"And the reality is," Kenya continues. "It will take weeks for me to be able to walk without the excruciating pain of a C section."

"And," she says, it will takes weeks for her "to heal from the multiple cuts to my uterus."

C-sections are no joke, folks.

But that didn’t stop Kenya from taking a motorized scooter on a tour of Target.

Kenya Moore Target Run Motorized Scooter gif

"Needed to get her some preemie items," Kenya shares.

"So of course," Kenya continues. "Off to @target we went."

"My aunt Lisa is so afraid!" she admits.

Kenya then confesses: "I’m supposed to be in bed."

The idea of going shopping just a few days after giving birth in any fashion is … a little alarming.

(Yes, some people gave birth and then went to go vote just hours later, but they are the exception, not the rule)

After a C-section, Kenya should be at home, being catered to and focusing on healing.

Kenya Moore Gives Birth

In April, Kenya revealed that she and Marc Daly were expecting their first child.

Six months later, on Halloween, Kenya revealed that there were complications with her pregnancy.

Kenya was diagnosed with preeclamsia, the three main symptoms of which are high blood pressure, swelling of hands and feet, and protein in urine.

Out of concern over this dangerous pregnancy condition, doctors and Kenya decided upon a C-section.

Her baby, Brooklyn Doris Daly, was removed from her uterus by skilled surgeons.

Brooklyn is considered premature, and weighs just 5 pounds and 12 ounces.

Kenya Moore and Husband

Despite her preemie status, Brooklyn is said to be alert and after.

Kenya explained how she and Marc chose their firstborn’s name.

"Brooklyn because that’s where we met and fell in love," Kenya said.

"And Doris," she continued. "After my grandmother who passed away last year and who raised me."

Daly, of course, comes from the last name of her husband, Marc Daly.

Kenya Moore, Glowing Selfie

Kenya Moore is not old in real life. She is 47 years old.

In terms of safely becoming pregnant, staying pregnant, and carrying a child to term, she is definitely within the upper extremes of age.

(That’s by the standards of the medical community — we’re not age-shaming her)

We’re sure that Kenya and Marc are so grateful that they were able to come through this pregnancy with both mother and baby alive and healthy.

Last year, they married each other. Now, just a year and a half later, they’re growing their family.

Kenya Moore as a Blonde

In all honesty, the trip to Target less than a week after a C-section sounds a little … far-fetched.

Target is a great place as far as liminal spaces are concerned, but Kenya going herself is odd.

We’re sure that Atlanta has delivery options (we don’t have to guess; we looked it up).

Also, Kenya has family and a husband who could have gone.

Either Kenya is just really specific about what she wants her baby to have and couldn’t wait a week …

… Or maybe this was an endorsement deal and she’s doing it for the cash.