Jenni Farley: Roger Mathews Lies! We're Still Getting Divorced!

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Ever since the world learned that Jenni Farley and Roger Mathews are getting divorced, Jersey Shore fans have behaved as though their own parents are separating.

Jenni and Roger are the show's most beloved couple, and the idea of them calling it quits has simply been too much for many Shore viewers to bear.

JWOWW and Roger Mathews in the Car

Making the situation even sadder is the fact that the decision to split was not mutual -- far from it, in fact.

Roger has been begging Farley to take him back, but for a long time, it seemed as though his pleas were falling on deaf ears.

Earlier this week, however, fans were encouraged by a tiny glimmer of hope.

Roger Mathews and JWOWW Photo

The couple posed together for photos at a media event, which naturally led to rumors of that Jenni and Roger were getting back together.

Unfortunately, a source close to the couple says that's just wishful thinking on the part of fans.

Speaking with Radar Online, the insider confirmed that Farley and Mathews are “not getting back together.” 

JWoww and Roger Mathews

The source notes that this week's event was a family-friendly party sponsored by Dreamworks, and Roger and Jenni attended together for the sake of their two children.

"She will always put her children first and this year is no exception,” the informant says.

“She wants her kids to have as normal of a life as possible.”

JWoww Wedding Photo

Of course, things are far from normal right now, as Roger has been pulling out all the stops to win her back.

He even went so far as to publicly celebrate his anniversary with Jenni despite their estrangement.

The source confirms that there was no cheating or infidelity involved in the decision to separate.

JWoww and Roger Matthews

In fact, there was no precipitous event of any kind -- Jenni simply decided she doesn't want to be married anymore.

“Roger has been trying everything he can to change her mind, but her mind is made up,” the insider continued.

“She’s done.”

Roger Mathews and JWOWW

As Shore fans know, JWoww is not the type to be swayed by heartfelt displays of emotion.

But you can bet Roger won't be giving up in his efforts to win his wife back.

We wish these two all the best.

Of course, in this case, the best thing might be for the two of them to go their separate ways.

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