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Some unexpected, exciting news for Jersey Shore fans today!

When it was first reported that Jenni Farley had filed for divorce from Roger Mathews, it looked as though the couple was dunzo for good.

Fans rooted for Roger as he pleaded with Jenni to take him back in heartfelt video messages and candid social media posts.

Roger even celebrated his anniversary with Jenni, despite the fact that he and Jenni were estranged at the time.

Yes, Mathews really seemed to be fighting a losing battle.

And it seemed extremely unlikely that the famously hard-hearted JWoww would ever change her mind.

Roger Mathews and JWOWW Photo

Yesterday, however, the Jersey Shore star seemed to confirm that she and Roger are at least trying to “make it work.” 

“We’re here as a family today,” Mathews told Us Weekly at a recent family-themed event sponsored by DreamWorks.

“We’re working on things yeah, absolutely. We spent eight years together so … I feel like there’s nothing that’s not fixable in our situation.”

With her two kids in tow, Jenni was asked if she and Roger would be spending the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday together;

“Always as a family,” Farley responded.

Now, that’s a vague response that could mean many things (Jenni and Roger might just be maintaining the “family:” facade for the sake of their children), but at least Mathews seems optimistic.

As for Roger’s recent comments that Jenni finds him “repulsive,” Mathews says the remark was meant in jest:

JWOWW and Roger Mathews in the Car

“We saw that on the way up here. I hesitate to make a comment because it seems like everything is taken out of context but I’m a real comedian,” he told Us.

“So don’t take anything I say serious. I don’t get upset, it comes with the territory. I know what I signed up for but I just think we live in a world with fake news where people put out stuff that’s not true to get listeners to tune in or read or whatever,” he added.

“We know what’s going on in our own house and that’s all that matters. If the world wants to judge, the world can judge.”

JWOWW and Company

We wish Roger and Jenni all the best going forward.

Both parties have confirmed that there was no abuse or infidelity in their relationship; they’ve simply grown apart over the years.

Of course, a lack of emotional connection, can be the most insurmountable challenge of all.