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It feels like the Giudice family is in ruins thanks to Joe’s very likely deportation next year.

Teresa, however, seems to be keeping busy and even staying positive.

It’s not because she’s happy about Joe getting the boot. According a report, she’s deep in denial.

Teresa Giudice on GMA
Photo via ABC

HollywoodLife reports that Teresa is still struggling to accept the reality of what Joe’s deportation will mean.

"Teresa is absolutely heartbroken over the news that Joe will not be allowed back into America once he’s deported," and insider states.

We knew this — but we didn’t know the whole story.

"However," the source characterizes. "She is still a bit delusional and does not believe it will actually happen."

Whoa, there. Delusional is a little harsh. In denial sounds more accurate and a lot more polite.

Per the insider: "She thinks Joe will somehow, magically be able to remain in the States."

Teresa Giudice on Watch What Happens
Photo via BRAVO

The source says that Teresa is clinging to this hope "despite what the judges are saying and all the signs and facts that point to the contrary."

The insider goes on to allege that Teresa is "majorly in denial about what is going on."

Ah, there it is.

"Teresa is not really an emotional person," the source says. "And lives in denial with a lot of things in her life."

People who are deeply in touch with their own thoughts and feelings may be more grounded in reality.

"But," the insider notes. "Her oldest daughter Gia realizes this is in fact a reality."

Well Gia is 17 going on 18, and seems to have a good head on her shoulders.

Gia and Joe Giudice
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Apparently, Teresa’s current behavior has her loved ones a little worried.

"Family and friends alike both see that Teresa is out running around like crazy and traveling," the source reports.

It is evident, the insider says, that Teresa is "doing her best to distract herself from what is actually going on."

She’s also a busy person in general, but sure.

"They wish she’d stay home more with her girls," the source says. "As her girls are her world."

"However," the insider explains. "She’s doing it to numb the pain."

Teresa Giudice and Daughters in the Bahamas
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Rumors that Teresa will divorce Joe have persisted since even before the shocking deportation ruling on October 10.

But this particular inside source doesn’t see it happening.

"Teresa would never leave Joe," the source claims. "Because she doesn’t want to actually go through a divorce."

Yeah — divorce is zero fun.

"But of course," the insider continues. "She’s angry and resentful."

Joe getting into trouble like this is really doing a number on their whole family.

"She’s most concerned about her daughters," the source affirms. "And making sure they’re OK."

Teresa Giudice Shows Off Her Hair
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That’s good to hear.

Children are resilient, but they lack the coping mechanisms and perspective of adults.

Those four girls are going to need a lot of emotional support.

Fortunately, as Teresa recently made very clear during an appearance on Good Morning America, she’s there for them.

"I have to stay strong," Teresa stated.

Teresa explained: "I have four beautiful daughters and they need their mommy."

Teresa Giudice and Hubby
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We’re usually (though not always) leery of reports on other people’s feelings.

Sometimes, even those closest to us, we don’t show our actual state of mind.

Maybe Teresa is trying to stay busy because she’s in debt and she has four children and a soon-to-be-deported husband to support.

Maybe Teresa is speaking positively about Joe’s chances because she wants to have a good attitude.

No one wants to give up on a loved one. And staying positive doesn’t hurt anyone.

Her daughters — except perhaps for Gia — will take a little while to accept that Joe’s appeal is a long-shot at best.