American Horror Story Recap: What the Eff Just Happened?

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American Horror Story: Apocalypse came to a dramatic conclusion on Wednesday night, and it was a divisive final episode. 

The episode kicked off with Myrtle ambushing Venable to get closer to Jeff and Mutt. 

“My hair is an eternal mystery never to be fully understood,” Myrtle said when Venable complained about her hair.

Cordelia and Mallory - American Horror Story

“Purple is for royalty, dear, not middle management,” Myrtle then said of Venable's purple hair and outfit. 


Myrtle then stormed into the office of two geniuses who binge on coke, robot hookers and bowl cuts. She needed them to make some space in Outpost 3. 

Despite their reservations, they followed through on it because Myrtle was quick to point out that she was not messing around. 

Then we learned the stunning revelation that Coco's personality after the curse was actually courtesy of Madison because Mallory had to feel low self-esteem to keep her powers on the down low. 

Sarah Paulson as Wilhemina Venable

After several more time jumps, we finally landed back in the present in Outpost 3 with the witches telling Michael they had already won. 

Dinah was adamant that she was not taking part in the fight between good and evil, but Cordelia had huge trick up her sleeve. 

Papa Legba was unimpressed at the way Marie Laveau was working in the Underworld, so he brokered a deal with Cordelia:

Dinah for Marie. 

Without so much as a breath, Angela Basset's alter ego appeared on the screen and killed Dinah. It was about time!

Cordelia went on to make Mead explode, and Madison stole the gun and started shooting at Michael. He lay lifeless on the floor as Mallory, Myrtle and Cordelia ran off to do the spell with a piece of Michael's hair. 

Sarah Paulson as The Supreme

But Brock appeared out of the shadows and stabbed Mallory. Could the world really end because of a loser like Brock?

Michael reanimated and made Madison's head explode, before heading upstairs to take down everyone else. He killed Marie and Coco, while Cordelia and Myrtle desperately tried to get Mallory to go back in time. 

But it was too late. Mallory was bleeding out while Cordelia got into a tense war of words with Michael. As the supervillain tried to kill the Supreme, Cordelia sacrificed herself, thus passing the power into Mallory who woke up and took us back to the past. 

Michael left Constance's house in a daze after a big argument, and Mallory ran over the son of Satan multiple times until he died. 

In 2015, Mallory enrolled at the school, and Cordelia was still the Supreme. Myrtle was dead again because Cordelia had no reason to resurrect her. 

Sarah Paulson as Cordelia

Mallory also managed to save Queenie's life before she took the fateful trip to the Hotel Cortez that ended her life. As for Madison, well Mallory said she would bring her back after she sweated it out a little. 

Defeating the spawn of Satan came with some perks, and Mallory brought Misty back to life. Nan, however, opted to stay with Papa Legba because she liked going on errands for him. 

We then moved forward in time ... again. Timothy and Emily aka the two kids chose to live in Outpost 3 without their families found their way to each other, got pregnant and had a demon baby. 

In the final scene, the kid killed his babysitter, and the Satan worshippers showed up to bring the world to its knees. 

It looks like the world can't be saved!

What are your thoughts on the finale?

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