Floribama Shore Recap: Logan Fairbanks Stalks the Entire Cast

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Logan Fairbanks is the worst. 

Thursday's two-hour premiere of Floribama Shore picked right up where we left off with the cast in a massive bar brawl between Kortni's ex-boyfriend who takes the term stage five clinger to a whole new level. 

If you watch Floribama Shore online, you know that Logan has been popping up where he doesn't belong ever since Kortni revealed she was in a relationship with him. 

Logan Fairbanks

The issue is that we learned months ago Logan was arrested in May for violating a restraining order that Kortni got against him just a few weeks before because he was showing up at her home, and wherever she seemed to go. 

With the bar brawl in full swing at the top of the hour, the cast members were understandably confused about why this dude was popping up everywhere in a similar manner to the way Angelina Pivarnick popped up on the OG Jersey Shore. 

The roomies were ultimately thrown out of the No Name Lounge after the bust-up. At this point, the biggest shock here is that the bar lets these people back in. 

They always wind up in fights. Let's be honest: We only tune in to this show for the fights. Beyond them, there's not much to like. 

Kortni Gilson Poses

The good thing is that there's a family bond here, and you could tell that by the way everyone rallied around Kortni after everything that happened. 

Just when it seemed like the Logan drama was over and done with, he showed up when the guys went to get themselves some new hairstyles. 

He wasted no time in complaining to Jeremiah that he was the one to blame for his relationship breaking down with Kortni. Jeremiah could have knocked Logan out with one punch, but he took the high road in this scenario. 

Logan yelled about him being "VIP" and Panama City being "his city," or something. It was uncomfortable, but so damn entertaining at the same time. 

Kortni Gilson on Instagram

Kortni struggled when she heard about the encounter. She felt like she was to blame for ruining everything for her friends, but they could not be more supportive of her. 

How was she to know she was getting into bed with a sociopath who gives Jen Harley a run for her money? 

We did get to see Kortni filing the restraining order on-screen, so there's that. 

Elsewhere, Nilsa continued to try and find Aimee a man. She turned to her old roommate, Scott, who hit it off with Aimee straight off the bat. 

Aimee has been struggling in the romance department since the show kicked off last year, and was starting to feel uneasy about everyone else getting some loving. 

Aimee, Floribama Shore

In any case, Scott and Aimee would make a great couple, but there was much drama when Scott passed out before Aimee managed to get jiggy with him. 

These 20somethings do like to party a little too hard, but isn't reality TV built on these wannabes being drunk and getting in trouble?

What are your thoughts on all of the Logan drama?

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Floribama Shore continues Thursdays on MTV.

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