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90 Day Fiance viewers have already watched Leida react with disgust to Eric’s apartment.

At the time, Eric laid most of the blame for the state of his home at the feet of his 19-year-old daughter.

In this sneak peek, Leida finally confronts Eric’s daughter — and tries to force her out of the apartment. Take a look:

90 Day Fiance - Leida Scolds Tasha

Be warned: this sneak peek is intensely awkward.

Leida Margaretha is in the awkward position of being a 29-year-old talking to her fiance’s teenage daughter.

Tasha is a 19-year-old appearing on reality television while getting confronted by her dad’s girlfriend and also meeting said girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Eric Rosenbrook is there, caught in the middle of his daughter and his girlfriend.

Of course, since Eric’s the one who threw his daughter under the bus over the state of the home, he’s a little less sympathetic in this situation.

90 Day Fiance - Tasha Listens To Leida

Leida is pretty frank and direct with Tasha, but she takes a conversational tone as she scolds the 19-year-old.

"I wasn’t comfortable when I got here," Leida shares.

"What you’ve done," Leida continues. "it was like, it was such a mess and I was pissed."

Leida has shared that she feels that Eric let her down and lied to her, but for this scene, she’s directing her ire at Tasha.

"I mean, like, I was very upset," Leida emphasizes as Tasha takes a seat on the inflatable couch.

Leida adds: "I didn’t expect that the place was gonna be such a mess."

90 Day Fiance - Leida Questions Tasha

Leida even spins a theory that Tasha deliberately left the apartment in such a state.

"Did you do that on purpose?" Leida asks. "To make me, like, explode?"

"No," Tasha replies. "I didn’t do that on purpose."

"I felt like that," Leida replies.

Tasha does apologize, but reiterates that she was not trying to ruin Leida’s day or sabotage her father’s engagement.

Tasha Shrugs on 90 Day Fiance

Outside, and speaking to the camera, Tasha admits that her father warned her via text that Leida was pissed about the state of the apartment.

(As viewers saw, it wasn’t tidy … but it certainly wasn’t filthy, either. It just needed a little tidying)

She also says that she was irritated that Leida seemed unwilling to look at her during the confrontation.

The awkwardness of sitting on an inflatable couch was compounded by what Tasha perceived as rudeness.

This may be a cultural difference. Indonesian culture tends to discourse aggressive confrontation.

Leida may have been hoping to avoid seeming aggressive or overly hostile by looking away. That’s just a guess, however.

Perhaps she was distracted by cameras or producers.

Eric Listens on 90 Day Fiance

Eric and Leida then seem to focus on trying to make Tasha feel guilty.

"It’s not that hard, you either do feel bad for what happened, or you don’t," Eric says.

if you’ve ever been a 19-year-old, you know that this kind of conversation got super old years ago.

Finally, Leida decides to try to eject Tasha from her home.

"I want you to move out," Leida announces. "I don’t think that we can work it out."

"I don’t plan on being here forever…but as far as I know you’re not yet on the lease," Tasha says.

Tasha concludes: "You can’t kick me out. I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to deal with that"

Eric and a Disappointed Leida

There is so much here that we are not seeing, so let’s not be too harsh with Eric and Leida over this.

For one thing, it sounds like it’s always been the plan for Tasha to leave.

There is a glaring space issue in the apartment, which (along with his bed) was the one thing for which he could not blame his daughter.

Additionally, between editing and prompting by producers, we know that 90 Day Fiance will push things to be more conflicted.

We’ve heard from a few people who appeared on the show but did not sign NDAs that producers will allegedly feed people lines to stir up drama.

So let’s take what we see here with a grain of salt … and we’ll see the conclusion on the actual episode.