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It’s been just over two weeks since Demi Lovato left rehab, and by all accounts, the singer remains fully committed to the hard work of recovery.

But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been any roadblocks along the way.

Demi Lovato Will Beat You Up
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Until recently, Demi was dating Henry Levy, a fashion designer whom she had reportedly known for years but had just become close with in rehab.

Experts advise against romantic relationships for anyone who’s new to sobriety, but Demi’s new relationship was particularly troubling due to the fact that Levy is also a recovering addict.

So perhaps it should come as no surprise that Demi’s beloved mother, Dianna Hart, has encouraged her to step away from Levy for the time being.

Demi Lovato, All Business
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And by "encouraged" we mean "demanded."

“Demi’s mom, as well as her entire family, wanted Henry out of the picture the minute that they saw the two of them together,” a source close to Dianna tells Radar.

“Henry is newly sober and he is not the type of guy that Demi should be associating herself with right now," the insider adds.

Demi Lovato Goes Emo
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“Several people have come to Dianna and told her that he is not a good influence since the two were seen together.” 

Unfortunately, it seems it’s not just Levy who has Demi’s loved ones concerned these days.

According to the insider, Demi didn’t miss a beat in returning to her active social life, and the 25-year-old “still runs in those Hollywood circles that Dianna wants her daughter to avoid.”

Demi Lovato, Entrancing Selfie
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While no one is claiming that Lovato is using again, the source says there are widespread concerns that she’s falling back in with the type of people who landed her in trouble previously:

“Demi is acting on her own accord again and everyone is worried sick,” the insider says.

“There is only so much that her family can do. The rest is up to her.”

Demi Lovato Says Peace
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One promising sign is that Demi has fired Dani Vitale, the backup dancer who she reportedly partying with at the time of her overdose.

Of course, steering clear of one bad influence won’t be enough.

The world is just full of them — especially when you’re rich, famous, and prone to addiction.

We wish Demi all the best in her continued recovery.