Danielle Bregoli: My Single is Breaking Records, Heaux!!!

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Did you guys know that Danielle Bregoli is now the youngest artist of all time to chart on the Billboard Top 100?

If we have to live with that information, then so do you. Forever.

The Cash Me Ousside girl is responding to her the news of her career milestone, and ... well, it's very on-brand. We'll say that.

Danielle Bregoli, Tongue Out

That's right.

Danielle Bregoli's first single, "These Heaux" dropped, as we warned you.

That's what viral fame will do.

Maybe that's also what talent will do (I absolutely do not know as I cannot judge certain genres like rap or country or jazz or death metal because they're just not my type of music at all).

One way or the other, her first-ever song is number 77 on the Billboard Top 100 and she's only 14 years old.

That's an accomplishment, no matter how she got there.

Are you guys ready to find out what Danielle Bregoli's response to her song's success is?

Danielle Bregoli, Pensive on the Stairs

Danielle is apparently not surprised at all about her success, because here's what she had to say:

"Damn right. I'm a rapper, b--ch."

She said that in an Instagram video in which she spoke so quickly that she was difficult to understand.

Danielle actually did admit some initial insecurities over whether or not her song would be accepted or get roasted, but those seem past now that her first-ever single is breaking records.

Of course, it's impossible to tell how many people are enjoying the song versus those listening for the curious novelty of it (or just plain hate-listening).

But still ... success is success.

Danielle Bregoli in Orange

Of course, we all remember how Danielle Bregoli first achieved viral fame.

She went on Dr. Phil for her bad behavior.

When she was displeased with the audience, she angrily said: "Cash me ousside, howbow dah?"

Translated from her own special dialect to English, she was saying "Come and meet me outside (so that we may engage in fisticuffs), okay?"

That line went viral and, well, here we are today.

She has a habit of acting as if she doesn't care what other people think of her.

It is, of course, an act.

She's 14. She cares what people think, but she's terrified to show that vulnerability because she thinks that she's an adult.

(For some of those antics, by the way, she's now been sentenced to 5 years probation, which is actually a long-ass probation period as far as these things go)

Hopefully, between the probation sentence and her newfound fame (and the potential to make money with it), Danielle will be able to adjust her behavior and stay out of trouble.

Danielle Bregoli Birthday Pic

Honestly, we think that the vast majority of the blame for Danielle's behavior can be laid at the feet of one individual: her mother.

We all saw that disturbing video of Danielle Bregoli being hit repeatedly by her mother.

Both mother and daughter dismissed it as "play."

Any household where that kind of violence is commonplace is going to produce adults with ... issues.

We just hope that Danielle can move past that.

So, strangely, we're rooting for her success to continue. Weird, we know.

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