Danielle Bregoli to JoJo Siwa: Cash Me Ousside, Howbowdah?!

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Every photo of JoJo Siwa contains the sort of forced exuberance that you expect to see from an adult actor on a TV show aimed at preschoolers.

In the mean time, everything about Danielle Bregoli seems to be the culmination of every parent's nightmare. She's an amalgam of personality problems and it's making her rich

It's not a surprise that these two are feuding. It's just a surprise that it's taken this long.

JoJo Siwa

This feud between 15-year-old girls began when a grown adult woman decided to take to social media to post a lengthy rant about why one was better than the other.

"I've seen people make fun of this girl many times because 'she's acting too young,'" writes a woman named Nicole.

"I don't know too much about her," the woman writes of JoJo. "But all three of my girls love her."

She's 15 years old and a face of Nickelodeon," the post continues. "She also is a spokesperson for Michael's Arts and Crafts store."

"There are GROWN WOMEN on some of her posts who are trashing her because of the way that she acts."

After decrying this, this grown woman then goes on to trash a different 15-year-old girl for the way that she acts.

Danielle Bregoli JoJo Siwa Feud 01

Nicole whines about Danielle Bregoli, who "has publicly disrespected her mother, danced half-naked on the internet, dressed like she's grown, etc."

Many would point out that all of those activities are very age-appropriate for a high schooler.

"I would much rather have girls love JoJo," she writes. "Than 'Bhad Bhabie.'"

The woman then writes a line that has only ever been used by bad people: "And people wonder why the kids these days act the way they do."

"People like JoJo are made fun of for being young while people like 'catch me outside' girl makes [sic] millions being a delinquent."

JoJo Siwa Image

In and of itself, that sounds like a woman who is trying to defend a teen girl against unwarranted trolling (while also making some mostly fair criticisms of another teen girl).

JoJo Siwa -- or whoever runs her social media accounts -- boosted this post, adding her own words:

"This post means so much to me," the JoJo Siwa tweet reads.

"Thank you Nicole for writing this! I love being a positive role model," she writes. "And I want everyone to know it’s ok to be a kid and to not worry about growing up so fast!"

The tweet concludes: "To everyone who supports me, I LOVE YOU!"

Danielle Bregoli vs JoJo Siwa

Would you care to guess who didn't particularly care for ... any of this?

Danielle Bregoli herself quoted JoJo's tweet, adding a few choice words of her own.

"Suck my dick," Danielle tweeted. That's a fair and, frankly, age-appropriate response to seeing another girl your age boost a post dedicated to bashing you.

JoJo hadn't said anything directly bad about Danielle at that point -- she'd just promoted a post that did.

After Danielle's tweet, that changed.

"Exactly my point," JoJo writes while quoting Danielle's tweet.

JoJo Siwa vs Danielle Bregoli

We've definitely been hard on Danielle in the past, because, well, she did very much become famous because of her delinquent behavior.

But she's turned unfortunate circumstances into a success story -- and she's still a literal child. That's impressive.

Danielle Bregoli is breaking records with her music, and was nominated for 2018 Billboard Music Award for Top Rap Female Artist earlier this year.

JoJo is also a success story, absolutely, but while it is never appropriate to harass her with comments about her appearance, we should be honest.

Danielle's behavior -- awful and occassionally criminal though it may be -- is wildly more age-appropriate than JoJo's.

Danielle Bregoli, Tongue Out

JoJo's look is clearly designed to appeal to a certain demographic -- young children and their easily scandalized parents.

Danielle is appealing to people within her own age range, and it's working. Part of that is because Danielle reads like an authentic teenager and not as a cartoonish caricature.

We're sure that JoJo will one day be able to shed this look and live as herself. For now, she's a minor and she's making money by catering to kids. Whatever makes her happy.

But she should know that one can accept a compliment without agreeing with insults aimed at someone else.

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