Bride Confesses: I Made My Bridesmaids Fat So They Wouldn't Upstage Me!

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Most bridezillas fill their loved ones with terror and dread. This one is very different.

This monster bride sabotaged her own sisters with a smile -- and they never even knew.

A woman has come forward to reveal that she secretly fattened up her sisters so that they'd look worse on her wedding day.

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"My sisters and I have always been competitive with each other," the woman calling herself "Penny" confesses online.

She shares that she has two sisters, and "we’re all super close."

"Except when we drive each other nuts and then we can’t stand each other."

She says that these fights never last long, and expects that other women with sisters will automatically understand what she means.

"We all live together, along with my fiance," she shares. "When I announced we were getting married, it was my sisters I told first."

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It will not surprise you to learn that "Penny" is the middle sibling.

Her older sister, she says, is a music teacher and a perfectionist who seems totally on top of things.

Penny is convinced that her elder sister was secretly fuming with jealousy that she wasn't the first to marry.

The younger sister is apparently "fun and flirty," complains that men never take her seriously, and works as an artist and illustrator.

Penny then admits that she has always felt a little less beautiful than either of her sisters.

So when it came down to preparing for her wedding day, she decided to make sure that no one would steal her spotlight.

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Penny did the usual -- going all out on her own appearance.

She also insisted that her bridesmaids wear yellow, easily one of the worst colors, in the hopes that it made them look "slightly ill."

Her hopes were realized, and her blonde sisters looked "washed out."

(I say this as an extremely fair-skinned white person: yellow is not a flattering color on 99% of white people)

But her real secret, and the place where this story takes a turn from normal sabotage to being truly heinous, was her smoothies.

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"But by far the worst thing I did was to fatten up my sisters in the months leading up to the wedding," Penny confesses.

"Every morning," she writes. "I was a picture of sunshine and morning glow as I insisted on making breakfast smoothies for everyone."

"I told them I wanted us all to look our best on the big day," she explains. "So I was making them this special slimming smoothie."

The smoothies were instead designed to help her sisters pack on weight.

"I even went as far as buying a weight loss shake and emptying the contents," Penny shares.

She kept the weight loss shake container, "filling it instead with a mega-weight gain protein powder I found in a body building shop."

"At first I went easy," Penny says. "But by the month before the wedding I was adding triple the prescribed amount."

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Her own smoothies were simple -- fruit and coconut water.

Penny shares that her evil plan to sabotage her sisters "worked like a charm," and that they even had to have their dresses altered to accommodate weight gain.

Her wedding herself, she boasts, went beautifully, and she says that she never doubted for a moment that she was the center of attention.

She says that she sometimes feels guilty about what she did to her sisters, but that she mostly feels happy.

She no longer makes the smoothies for them, and claimed to them that the smoothie company went ouf of business.

This sabotage was similar to part of the plotline in Mean Girls. In real life, it is horrendous.

Though her sisters did lose the weight that they gained, she altered their bodies to address her insecurities.

There are depraved people in this world and sometimes, they seem almost proud of it.

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