Christmas Abbott Speaks Out After Arrest: People Are Lying About Me!

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Big Brother alum Christmas Abbott was arrested for an alleged attack on her baby daddy's side piece.

Now, she isn't hitting back at the allegations directly, but she's put up a cryptic post.

Christmas is implying that there is more to the story that the public doesn't know.

Christmas Abbott and Baby Loyal

Fresh after news spread about her arrest, Christmas Abbott took to her Instagram stories to share a cryptic message.

"There are lies & truth to every story," her post begins.

"And," she says. "I’ll share mine when I’m ready."

If you are part of an ongoing legal matter, publicly commenting is generally considered unwise by any decent attorney.

"Until then," Christmas continues. "I am being proactive with taking care of my responsibilities to have this matter [resolved]."

Christmas Abbott Instagram story after arrest

Christmas makes it clear where she'll be directing her attention in the near future.

"I’m focused on providing for Loyal," she reports.

Her one-month-old baby, Loyal Atticus, should definitely be her primary concern.

"And," Christmas says, she will be "recovering from a very emotionally challenging pregnancy & difficult delivery."

No childbirth is easy, but it sounds like she really had a hard time with it.

"Being a single mother is challenging enough," she writes. "Without the world having an opinion on a situation they know nothing about."

Christmas Abbott Mug Shot

Christmas' post may be vague, but her meaning is no mystery.

As we reported earlier this week, the Big Brother alum was arrested after allegedly attacking her baby daddy's side piece.

According to reports, she confronted the woman, and then "rammed another vehicle multiple times."

"[Abbott] came to the gym to confront her child’s father’s romantic partner," documents say.

"Once there, she threw a coffee cup and caused a scene," the report continues.

"The suspect entered her Mercedes-Benz SUV and proceeded to ram the victim’s vehicle twice,” the document reports.

It concludes: “This caused over $5,000 worth of damage to the victim’s vehicle."

Christmas Abbott Holds Baby Loyal

Christmas has had more to say on Instagram this week, however.

"How could I ever get enough of that sweet smile?!" she wrote on Wednesday, beside two sweet glimpses of her wee little baby.

"I literally can stare and watch him all day long," she confesses. "Just to watch him & maybe see a lil laugh or giggle."

That's why they're so cute, folks.

Christmas gushes: "He simply lights up my heart & makes me so fulfilled!"

Christmas Abbott Photograph

She made this post at the same time that everyone was reading about her arrest.

But she made it clear that she just wanted to rave about her baby, not address her rap sheet.

"No teaching point on this post," Christmas writes.

"Just some simple love & appreciation for my son," she clarifies. "And all that he brings into my life."

"There’s moments that are hard as hell," she admits. "But countless more that are priceless."

Some might cynically say that Christmas was trying to distract from the alleged vehicular attack by using her baby's cuteness.

Abbott, Christmas

We hope that we do not have to explain that someone allegedly cheating on you is not an excuse for property damage.

In fact, it's not much of an excuse for anything except a breakup. You can write a diss track if you like.

The fact that Christmas is accused of having confronted her baby daddy's alleged side piece makes this even worse.

Any cheater -- if he really was cheating -- should be ashamed, but that other woman doesn't owe Christmas the time of day.

That said, Christmas was very pregnant at the time of the incident.

While it doesn't excuse her behavior, hormones can do wild things to a person's mind.

Her state of mind should probably be taken into consideration if Christmas ends up facing any criminal penalties.

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