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Sunday night’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians featured Khloe’s baby shower for True.

But we all know what’s coming next weekend — Khloe and her whole family learning about Tristan’s cheating scandal.

Fans are excited, Khloe is stressed, and Tristan is worried he’s going to look like the bad guy.

Tristan Thompson in Shades
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Viewers of Keeping Up With The Kardashians are about to see Khloe’s whole family react to Tristan’s cheating.

HollywoodLife reports that Tristan is on edge knowing that the world will watch this story play out.

"Tristan is freaking out about the next episode of KUWTK airing," an insider reveals.

While Khloe, like her sisters, has veto power over aspects of the show, there’s only so much that she can edit out.

The source reports: "It does not make him look good at all."

It’s difficult to gloss over a guy cheating on his pregnant girlfriend with multiple women.

New Cavs Photo
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Fortunately, Tristan at least doesn’t seem to be thinking that he didn’t do anything wrong.

"He knows he made some mistakes," the insider affirms.

There were some troubling reports this summer that claimed that Tristan didn’t think it was a big deal.

(There are some men in the world who think that being a cheater is a phase that men grow out of; ugh)

"But," the source continues, Tristan "is not looking forward to the show blasting his problems out for the whole world to see."

Well, that’s what happens when you date, impregnant, and cheat on a reality star.

Cuddle for Khloe
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The promo already showed Kendall, Kim, Kris, and Kylie reacting to the news on their phones.

"Tristan is doing his best to be a better father," the insider says.

He has two young children — True wtih Khloe, and a son named Prince from a previous relationship.

The source says that Tristan is also working to be a better "boyfriend to Khloe and a better teammate to his Cavs."

"And," the insider explains. "He does not think this episode is going to make his life easier for any of that."

KUWTK doesn’t even exist to make the Kardashians look good, let alone their cheating boyfriends.

Tristan Thompson the Cheater
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Tristan is concerned that, no matter how many people read about the scandal, seeing it will be something else.

He worries that there could be serious social fallout.

"He knows he is not going to be very popular anywhere after this episode airs," the source reports.

Khloe can be problematic, but nobody realistically wanted to see her life ruined.

"So," the insider says. "He is stressed out."

Tristan Thompson Dances with True Thompson

Tristan may be biting his nails with anxiety.

Khloe, at least, seems to have accepted that the world is going to see her get humiliated.

"I signed up to show the good and the bad, right?" she recently wrote to a fan on Twitter.

"The bad is very hard to relive," Khloe affirmed. "But it’s life."

She’s right.

Unlike Tristan, however, she has had nearly a dozen years to get used to the idea that most of her dirty laundry is going to air on television.

Tristan Thompson Makes a Face
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A lot of fans are concerned that Tristan will cheat again as soon as Khloe lowers her guard.

If he was willing to cheat on her with so many women while she was pregnant, fans reason, what’s to stop him now?

He’s still a young, hot athlete.

And now he knows that Khloe won’t necessarily break up with him if he strays.

Hopefully, however, Tristan cares about his relationship with Khloe more than he does about the convenience of banging random beautiful women.

If not, we could be looking at another agonizing KUWTK in the future.