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It’s been four months since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry, and saying that Meg’s life has changed dramatically in that time would be like saying things in this country started to get a little wacky around November of 2016.

With the possible exception of Kate Middleton, Hailey Baldwin, and Pete Davidson, literally no one can relate to what Meghan is going through.

Meghan Markle Goes to See Hamilton
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Sure, she was somewhat famous in her own right before she met Harry, but we’ll never not lol at the British press and their attempts to make it sound like Harry lured an A-list mega-star away from her wildly successful career.

The fact is, while she was doing better than about 98 percent of working actors, roughly that same percentage of the global population had never heard the name Meghan Markle.

We say all of this not to shame Meg — again, she was making serious bank doing what she loves — but merely to highlight the fact that she went from relative no-namer to global icon overnight.

A Gorgeous Duchess
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That would be stressful under any circumstances, but Meg has the additional pressure of trying to learn about 500 years’ worth of customs and traditions in order to appease her new in-laws.

You may have heard the rumors about Meghan breaking royal protocol, and experts on this sort of thing have confirmed that the Duchess of Sussex is guilty of quite a few faux pas.

Sadly, these sleights are minor things like holding Harry’s hand in public — nothing cool like getting hammered and wrapping herself in an American flag at a formal dinner.

Ogling Her Prince
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No one can really blame Meghan for overstepping her bounds here and there, as she’s still new to the role of pointless figurehead.

But she’s soon to face the first major challenge of her royal career, and the stakes couldn’t be higher — which means there’s very little room for error.

Meghan and Harry will soon depart on their first royal tour as a couple.

Meghan Markle in Blue Dress
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Together, they’ll visit a number of countries that help comprise the British Empire, which is somehow still a thing.

And at each stop, they’ll be expected to adopt the manners and customs of the dignitaries they’ll be visiting.

"The Duchess of Sussex will have a team of Royal aids within the palace that are there to assist her in every way to prepare for her formal engagements," royal etiquette expert Myka Meier tells Cosmo.

The New Duchess
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"As a senior member of the Royal family, she is a working royal with roles and responsibilities to fulfill on behalf of the family," Meier adds.

"In order to show respect to the people she is meeting, she will be briefed ahead of each event on the Senior people she will be meeting and how to greet and address them, solely in order to show respect.

"From assisting her with what to wear all the way to important topics to speak about, she will have help to ensure she is fully prepared."

As a Duchess
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And it’s not just Meghan’s behavior that’s soon to be scrutinized on the global stage.

Those in the know will also be paying close attention to how the Duchess is dressed:

"When traveling, we often see the Royals adopt the customs and culture of the country they are in," Meier says.

Duchess of Sussex
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"For instance, if in a country they visit it’s a sign of respect to dress in a certain way, they will do so. Often we see Royals wearing outfits from local designers, too, to show respect and support for the country they are visiting."

It may seem petty, but in the eyes of royalty experts, this is the sort of thing that will determine if Meg has the ability to play a diplomatic role, or if she’ll simply attend fancy parties for a living.

Fortunately, the Queen has arranged for Meg to be thoroughly trained before her departure:

The Markle
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"Senior Royals will have a team of aids within the palace that help prepare them for every event they are attending and speaking at," Meier says.

"They will be briefed on who they are meeting, and any significant protocol behind addressing other important guests as well as any political, religious or cultural sensitivities to be aware of."

Is it just us, or does marrying royalty sound like it involves a seriously obnoxious amount of work?