Duggar Clan to Amy: Congrats! We're Letting You Back In the Family!

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If you're a diehard Duggar fan, you may have noticed the absence of "rebellious" cousin Amy in recent months.

That's no accident, as sources say Amy was essentially kicked out of the family back in June.

Amy Duggar on WEtv

Her famous cousins were banned from visiting her, and certain family members, like Jinger Duggar, even went so far as to unfollow Amy on Instagram.

“Amy is not allowed to talk about the Duggars anymore,” one insider told Radar online at the time.

“Amy went through her Instagram and had to delete all the pictures she had with her cousins."

Amy King Picture

Explanations as to why Amy was exiled vary, but most are in agreement that the ultra-conservative Jim Bob simply didn't approve of Amy's slightly more liberal lifestyle.

But it seems that at some point in the past three weeks, Amy was somehow able to get back in Jim Bob's good graces.

First, Jinger re-followed her cousin on Instagram, and now, the Duggars have chosen to acknowledge Amy's birthday on Facebook.

Amy Duggar Birthday Pic

Yes, the above photo was posted on the Duggars' official Facebook page earlier this week, and while it may seem like a minor development, it's actually a subtle way of sharing some very big news.

Until recently, Amy was, by her own admission, "out of the family."

She was persona non grata at all Duggar gatherings, and as Jim Bob and company aren't exactly big on forgiveness, it was widely assumed that it would stay that way.

Amy Duggar on Marriage Boot Camp

But now, not only Amy been forgiven, it also looks as though she's being embraced by her family.

The youngest Duggar daughters recently formed a singing group -- called, of course, The Duggar Girls -- and it seems Amy has been recruited to assist with their dreams of stardom.

So maybe Michelle reluctantly asked for Amy's assistance since she's the only person the Duggars know who actually lives in the 21st century?

Amy Duggar Instagram Image

We suppose that's possible -- but Michelle doesn't do anything without Jim Bob's approval.

So even though he's not in this pic, you can bet JB signed off on the decision.

And if there's ever a man who's not keen on changing his mind, it's Jim Bob -- so you can bet Amy worked very hard to get back on his good side.

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