Matt Roloff Shares New Family Photo, Teases Exciting "Project"

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Matt Roloff has a couple important things to share.

First, the veteran Little People, Big World star posted a new family photo to his Instagram account... after he accidentally cropped son Zach out of his previous image.


Every Roloff!

"As award for messing up the last photo.. I’ll give you this one taken the same day," wrote Matt as a caption to the above photo.

As you can see, it features Matt, Amy and all their kids and in-laws.

There's Zach and Tori and son Jackson!

And Audrey and Jeremy and daughter Ember!

And Molly Roloff and her husband, Joel!

And Jacob Roloff and his fiancee, Isabel!

It's pretty rare for all the relatives to get together like this.

Time with Jackson

Why did they do so in this case?

Because it was the start of pumpkin at Roloff Farms, a very exciting and profitable time for the family that prompted everyone to gather in one place.

In the second half of his caption, meanwhile, Matt just teased something else very exciting - and possibly profitable - for himself and his loved ones.

He told followers that the first photo featured on this page was "taken on a different part of the farm for a very different purpose. Soon as this project is complete we’ll let everyone see it."

Hmmm... what could this be a reference to?

Matt Roloff: An Image

What sort of project might Matt and company be getting involved in?

And why would it use a different part of the farm?

Color us intrigued!

Little People, Big World on the whole may look quite different going forward.

As you probably know by now, Jeremy and Audrey are not returning to the series.

They have moved on to writing books and starting a podcast and other professional endeavors.

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff, Road Trip

Matt, for his part, will be leaving at least part-time in Arizona, having confirmed a few months ago that he purchased a home in that lovely state.

As far as we know, however, he'll remain a cast member on the show... whenver it returns.

TLC is yet to announce a premiere date, but we'd expect new episodes to air in late 2018 or early 2019.

Will you be tuning in for it?

Or has Jeremy and Audrey's depature dampened your Roloff spirts?

Also: What is Matt talking about with this project?!?!?

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