Roloffs Celebrate Special Occasion with Rare Family Photo

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They star on the same reality show, but they are rarely all in the same place.

Indeed, while Little People, Big World may center on the beloved Roloff family, the many sons, daughters, parents and grandkids who comprise this popular unit are very busy.

They also don't all get along so well. Or so we've heard, at least.

Moreover, Jacob quit the show awhile back... Molly wants no part of the show... and even Jeremy and Audrey walked away this summer.

For all these reasons and more, it's rare to find all the Roloffs in one location.

But that's exactly what transpired over the weekend, as relatives came from far and near for one special reason:

The start of pumpkin season!!!!

Check out a giant family photo below and then scroll all around for more precious looks at various loved ones on hand to celebrate this annual occasion and tradition:

1. The Traditional Family Photo

The Traditional Family Photo
They do it every year and we love it every year. Check out this great photo of ALL the Roloffs, together at last, in honor of pumpkin season at the farm.

2. One Happy Grandpa

One Happy Grandpa
Matt Roloff got to celebrate the start of pumpkin season AND his birthday via this great photo with his grandkids.

3. Look Who Else Was on Hand

Look Who Else Was on Hand
Chris Marek was understandably not a part of the family photo, but he was still on the premises for the occasion. And in this photo!

4. Smiling with Jackson

Smiling with Jackson
This is as great as it gets for Amy. She got to pose with both her grandkids for the start of pumpkin season; first here with little Jackson.

5. Content Red Riding Hood

Content Red Riding Hood
"Thank you everyone for coming out. This ‘little Red Riding Hood’ (Me) was so thrilled to see so many of you! Hope to see more of you next weekend. I’ll be dressed up as. . ." wrote Amy as a caption to this picture.

6. What Mighty Fine Pumpkins You Have

What Mighty Fine Pumpkins You Have
Amy got all dressed up for the big day. Because why not, right?!?

7. Most Adorable Greeter EVER

Most Adorable Greeter EVER
"Look who pushed open the gate and said hello," wrote Matt to explain what was happening in this cute picture.

8. Bring on the Guests!

Bring on the Guests!
Tori and Zach brought both their baby AND their dog along to help co-host the opening on this season on the farm. We love it!

9. Jackson and Murphy and Perfection

Jackson and Murphy and Perfection
We're almost moved to tears by this photo. It seems hard to imagine any photograph anywhere, of anyone or anything, being more adorable.

10. Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Rain, Rain, Go Away!
Wrote Jeremy as a caption here: First day of our 19th pumpkin season is in the books. Thanks to everyone who came out! Idk about you, but I’m way more of a “harvest season” type of guy than a “Halloween” dude - creeps me out. What about you?

11. They... Are... Off!

They... Are... Off!
Audrey may be biased, but she said "you either love pumpkin season, or you’re wrong" in the funny caption to this very cute picture of her and her husband.

12. We Think She Likes Pumpkins

We Think She Likes Pumpkins
Audrey shared this photo on her Instagram page, gushing over her daughter and also the beauty of fall in the process.

13. Pumpkin Season Tribute

Hooray for pumpkin season! This video is on the official website of Roloff Farms. Check it out now!

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