Ashley Jacobs Keeps Hanging Out with Alleged Rapist Thomas Ravenel

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According to a couple of disturbing recent reports, Thomas Ravenel does not know how to take "NO" for an answer.

Similarly, it now seems as if Ashley Jacobs simply can't bring herself to say "NO" to Thomas Ravenel.

Allow us to explain...

Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs: Another Photo

As loyal Southern Charm fans know well, Jacobs and Ravenel dated throughout most of Season 5.

They were a very serious couple for several months, but the relationship seemingly came to an end in mid-August.

Jacobs didn't get into specifics upon confirming this news, but she did say the following on social media:

"I don’t want to comment but there are just some things I’m trying to handle privately.

"Before I say too much, I love Thomas and I’ll always love Thomas. I’ll always care about him."

So at least Jacobs was up front about her feelings, even when it appeared as if the romance was over for good.

Ashley Jacobs with Thomas Ravenel

For whatever reason, however, Jacobs has been unable to quit Ravenel.

Just a month after the aforementioned break-up, sources wrote that the reality stars had gotten back together, having hunkered down for an entire weekend in the middle of Hurricane Florence.

We guess natural disasters can lead to unexpected developments in many different ways.

But it's worth mentioning at this point that Ravenel has straight up been accused of rape by two different women.

A former nanny is on record as saying Ravenel threw her on a bed and forced himself upon her (while his infant daughter slept in the next room); while the daughter of a woman with whom Ravenel went on a date in 2015 has said the same thing about her mom.

The accusations are damning.

Thomas Ravenel with Ashley

Ravenel has denied each allegation, but he was actually arrested on a charge of assault and battery in relation to the nanny's charge just last month.

Still, none of this seems to matter to Jacobs.

This past weekend, onlookers spotted Jacobs and Ravenel at dinner at Obstinate Daughter on Sullivan Island in Charleston, South Carolina.

Does this mean the pair is gettng it back on for certain? No.

However, reports indicate that Ravenel put his arm around his ex while they sat with another couple at the bar.

That makes things sound fairly romantic, no?

Thomas Ravenel and Ashley Jacobs Together

As for the time before this when Jacobs and Ravenel were seen together in a similar setting, a source told People Magazine:

“They looked like they were having a great time. If they are still split, you never would have known, but at the same time they weren’t showing any PDA or anything.

"They looked friendly, like friends having a good time out together.”

Ravenel, meanwhile, was granted a $20,000 personal recognizance bond after her arrest and was ordered to turn in his passport, avoid contact with the victim and not leave South Carolina.

Following the news, Bravo confirmed that Ravenel will not be returning as a cast member for season 6.

Thomas Ravenel with Ashley Jacobs

But he had previously beaten the network to that punch, playing the victim on Twitter and writing:

I’m not doing the show anymore.

In the contract they have the right to fictionalize your story.

They took advantage of me. I decided I’ve got too much to lose and informed them I’m not coming back.

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