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We’ve heard that, deep down, Khloe Kardashian knows she can never trust Tristan again after he cheated on her with multiple women.

But Tristan’s NBA career means that he is about to be spending a lot of time away from Khloe and True.

Khloe has the perfect idea for how to steer him away from temptation: follow him everywhere and watch him like a hawk.

Khloe on Season 16
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HollywoodLife reports that Khloe Kardashian is planning to follow Tristan’s every move, even if it means touring with him during this basketball season.

"Khloe is looking to ease her mind a little bit," an insider explains.

Considering what Tristan put her through during her pregnancy — and how the cheating story broke just two days before she gave birth — it’s understandable.

Khloe’s anxiety is reportedly heightened "with the NBA season starting."

"And," the the source says, Khloe is "actually is anticipating to join Tristan on some away games."

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian, Face-Licking Photo
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Khloe’s reported desire to be his plus one on his basketball adventures is about more than a fondness for watching balls sometimes pass through hoops and sometimes not.

She’s more concerned about Tristan being surrounded by temptation while he’s beyond her reach.

The insider dishes that Khloe fears this "especially when there is a couple in a row."

If he has consecutive away games, that means more time away to get lonely, horny, and to meet people she’d rather he avoid.

The source says that Khloe wants to tag along "because she would like to keep tabs on Tristan."

Tristan Thompson the Cheater
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Some places apparently have Khloe more worried than others.

Khloe apparently fears that Tristan will face too many opportunities to cheat "especially in markets like New York."

New York is densely populated, full of beautiful women who are happy to meet hot, rich celebrity men, and thoroughly out of Khloe’s control.

"She wants to be there," the insider explains. "So nothing happens."

If Khloe is right there, he won’t be lonely and she’ll know that he’s faithful "and he isn’t out late night with any girls."

Khloe Kardashian on the Insta
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Khloe has apparently struggled with fears that Tristan will step out on her ever since she first learned that he’s the type to do it.

"She is leaving no room for fault this time around," the source affirms.

Some, of course, would say that if Khloe wants her boyfriend to not cheat on her, she should find a boyfriend who won’t.

There are presumably no shortage of men who take fidelity very seriously. Some of them are even hot.

But it looks like Khloe is willing to run herself ragged and worry herself half to death in order to keep this particular stud in her life.

We have a guess on why that may be — but hear what a certain Kardashian bestie has to say, first.

Larsa Pippen in White
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Larsa Pippen recently tried to explain why Khloe is likely to move to Cleveland eventually.

"You kind of have to go wherever your man is, where your family is," Larsa reasoned.

Tristan may be based in Ohio, but the vast majority of Khloe’s family is not.

"I recently told her that she’s going to have more stress now," Larsa revealed.

She anticipates this "because her husband’s team is not going to be as good without LeBron [James]."

"So," Larsa advised Khloe "to keep that in mind as the season goes on so she’s going to have to be a little bit more patient with him."

Larsa also noted that she perceives Khloe as feeling "overwhelmed" by her newfound motherhood.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Go Away
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We mentioned that there is a theory why Khloe would go to all of these lengths.

There was a report that says that Khloe fears that Tristan will abandon True — or at least just be a part-time father to her.

But she is said to be convinced that if she keeps him with her, he’ll be a full-time father to True instead of treating her as an out-of-sight afterthought.

Khloe was very close to her late father, Robert Kardashian, and it appears that she believes that all children should have similar bonds with their fathers.

Not all fathers are as nurturing or deserving of love as her dad was. Only time will tell if Tristan is a truly good dad.