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Meghan Markle has just given the universe another reason to get excited.

Days after the Duchess of Sussex and her handsome husband confirmed the amazing news that they’re expecting a child, Markle touched on the follow-up topic that has taken over social media.

Meghan Markle is Pregnant

What will she and Harry name their impending bundle of joy?

Will he or she receive a typically British or Royal moniker?

Might the little one be named after a character on Suits, the USA Network legal drama that propeled Markle to fame?

Could she and Harry surprise followers and go way outside the box somehow?

During a top in Melbourne, Australia – for the third day of activities on the couple’s royal tour of Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and Tonga – Markle addressed this pressing issue.

Happy at the Opera House

When a 12-year-old named Charlie Wolf asked the Duchess if she’d picked out a name for the couple’s baby-to-be, Meghan did not come right out and reveal her and Harry’s decision.

But she did say it’s a constant topic of conversation.

Both between herself and her husband… and basically everyone else in the free world.

“We’ve been given a long list of names from everyone," Markle replied. We’re going to sit down and have a look at them."

She further noted that it was still very early and they hadn’t settled on anything.

That’s fair, we suppose.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle

Sources have claimed that Markle is not due to give birth until early May.

She’s about 15 weeks along and doing "well," these same sources have told the press.

At a different point during this visit, the Suits alum opened up about how she spends her free time “relaxing and watching TV shows.”

But when pressed for a favorite series, the retired actress noted demurred, simply responding:

“There’s heaps, I can’t think of a specific one.”

She’ll have plenty of time in the near future to sort through them all, too, once she gets a little too tired to travel and just props her feet up, awaiting the whole motherhood thing.

Royally Great

“Harry is elated and beside himself,” a an tells Us Weekly. “Meghan is feeling amazing. She’s in great health so far.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William, meanwhile, are on record as sayign they are "delighted" about the pregnancy, while even Meghan’s evil half-sister sounds pretty psyched about it.

"I want Meghan to be happy… and have peace. Everybody needs to be positive," says typically-negative Samantha Markle, adding:

"I hope my dad is included and at a proper time. If he is excluded, I won’t be happy. It is in the best interests of the baby for my dad to be included."

We continue to send our best wishes to Harry and Meghan.

This is all SO exciting!