Jesse Meester: Darcey Silva is a Liar and a Sick, Twisted Person!

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Of all of the 90 Day Fiance couples, none seems to thrive on constant fighting like Jesse Meester and Darcey Silva.

Recently, viewers saw them explode after Jesse told Darcey she's an alcoholic. But that's one incident among many.

Now, Jesse is exposing Darcey on social media -- telling fans that she takes money from everyone, then lies about it.

Jesse Meester and Darcey Silva

Right now, 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days couple Darcey and Jesse looks like their terrible romance is on its last leg.

That's on TV, and filmed months ago.

Right now, it looks like their quarreling is once again spilling over into social media.

After one of Jesse's sycophantic fans (sorry, but it's the truth) spoke about how she couldn't stand the way that Darcey treats him, Jesse wrote back.

He thanked his fan -- and then put Darcey on blast, painting her as a liar with some sort of pathological money problem.

Darcey Silva, Jesse Meester in Amsterdam

"That she’s exploiting her ex-husband, now me and others is the least thing she should do to make herself look better," Jesse says in slightly broken English.

"She’s adding fuel on her issues," Jesse writes. "Especially after her restaurant situation last week."

That would be the restaurant fight so intense that police were called. Classy.

"It’s not my problem anymore," Jesse writes, though he's said that before. "Although I kinda felt sad she was still dealing with the same issues."

"But after people sent me screenshots of her behavior with the most disgraceful lies and classless statements," he says.

Those screenshots were "about that we had sex in a hotel room I paid for, that I gave to her when she started drama."

Darcey and Jesse

"And then say how she was not treated right and she payed for a trip? Lol," Jesse writes. "My last bit of empathy is gone."

"To claim you paid for a trip to Greece I paid for you is despicable," he says. "That was a surprise I arranged for her."

"Oh and the (business class) tickets and your free acces to my company’s guidance and so many more things I helped you with," Jesse adds.

"And then acting like this is a total disgrace!" Jesse declares. "Just when you thought she couldn’t go any lower…."

"Just not over my back after doing everything for you and going above and beyond," he writes.

Jesse Meester, Darcey Silva in White

One detail of Jesse's comment really caught the attention of a number of 90 Day Fiance fans.

"When you sell my rings (which is totally fine) and complaint about not having money or not being able to pay off your debt," he writes.

Jesse continues: "when a lot of people help you out financially there is something else going on you need to take a closer look at."

In other words, he is accusing her of having some sort of underlying problem of spending money, asking for financial help, and then overspending again.

Jesse also notes that: "Her false accusations need to stop."

Darcey Silva and Jesse Meester

"This is all I gotta say about this really," Jesse says.

Anyone want to take bets on whether or not Jesse will talk about Darcey again in the future?

"Pure disgust how someone can go that low after all you did," Jesse laments.

Again, he implies that she has some sort of pathology or compulsion.

Jesse concludes: "Like she just can’t stop it."

Jesse Meester of 90 Day Fiance

Jesse Meester isn't exactly the best guy in the world, either.

He and Darcey are toxic as a couple, but both are toxic as individuals.

(After all, this is the guy who shares private details, true or not, with random fans who say nice things to him)

To be brutally honest, folks, a lot of Jesse's fans are older women who refuse to see past his hotness.

They despise Darcey but seeing him with an older woman makes them think that they could be so much better for him.

We're not speculating -- they write this out, more or less, in his Instagram comments. He knows this.

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