Columbus Short: Kim Kardashian is Controlling Kanye With WITCHCRAFT!

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After Kanye West's bizarre Oval Office visit in which he doubled down on his support for Donald Trump, his former fans are scratching their heads.

But a former Scandal actor believes that he can explain Kanye's strange behavior.

Columbus Short accuses Kim Kardashian of using witchcraft to torment and control her husband.

Columbus Short on Scandal

Disgraced former Scandal actor Columbus Short took to social media, sharing an image in which Kim smiles for the camera while Kanye stares into the distant.

"I post this picture for one reason and one reason only," Columbus writes.

He then writes that his purpose is "to expose witchcraft."

Yes, you read that correctly. No, this is not an early Halloween prank.

"This," Columbus claims. "Is what it looks like."

Kanye and Kim Kardashian, "Witchcraft" photo

We guess that about half the students in any early morning math class anyone's ever taken are also under the thrall of witches, then.

"Its [sic] a unaddressed issue but real and present right now," Columbus continues.

He goes on to claim that: "Both men and women all over the WORLD are unknowingly being tormented by witchcraft."

"And this," he says. "Is what it looks like."

"You can call me crazy," he very correctly states. "But I suggest you guys do your research."

Columbus Short Photograph

Obviously, no amount of actual research is going to validate his claims.

There are plenty of people whose personal spiritual practices can be described as witchcraft.

They come from a number of faiths or may not subscribe to any religion.

But they are very much not mind-controlling anyone, least of all Kanye West.

Some might say that a little mind-control would do Kanye some good right about now.

Columbus Short Pic

Easily the best thing about Columbus' witchcraft theory is the replies.

Sure, some of them are people agreeing with him and warning that they fear for his life since he's "exposing" this "truth."

One person tweeted: "You Already Know What's going on in The Devil Illuminati Industry," which is one hell of a sentence.

Others are arguing with him ... saying that it's not witchcraft mind-control, but MK Ultra mind-control.

Social media is amazing.

Kanye West, Face on Video

This is a little like when Flat Earth "Theorists" start espousing their views, only to get arguments from Hollow Earth theorists.

To the rest of us, one theory seems about the same as the other.

But that's because two concepts, each equally divorced from reality, seem equally absurd.

To those who really believe them, however, it makes all of the difference in the world.

It seems that Columbus really, truly believes that Kim has hexxed Kanye.

Columbus Short Photo

On a more serious note, Columbus referring to "torment" by "witchcraft" brings to mind his arrest warrant from just last month.

The warrant was issued in September after he failed to appear in court for a divorce proceeding.

His divorce from Tuere Tanee Short began all the way back in 2014, around the time of his arrest for domestic violence.

She filed for divorce after he threatened to kill her and himself, and she was granted a temporary restraining order at the time.

He has also been accused of other acts of violence, including violence against another woman's child and threatening to kill Jamie Foxx for some reason.

It is unclear if he believes that his life setbacks are the results of sabotage by witchcraft. They are clearly his own fault.

Listen to Me, Jared!

Kanye's behavior has been worrisome to a lot of his fans, and people seem desperate for an explanation.

Some think that Kim is just not good for him.

Others choose to blame mental illness, as if there aren't millions of people with mental illness who manage to not be terrible.

Now, an accused domestic abuser thinks that Kanye is under a witch's mind-control.

When, we wonder, are people going to stop making excuses that turn Kanye into the victim.

Maybe Kanye West is just ... bad. And maybe he has been bad all along, and people can no longer find easy excuses to ignore it.

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