Columbus Short: Arrested! In Custody For Domestic Violence!

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Columbus Short was arrested and taken into custody this morning. The actor, a wanted man since last month, showed up in a Van Nuys, Calif., courtroom.

Columbus Short Photograph

The 31-year-old has been a fugitive ever since failing to appear in court for his criminal domestic violence case, one of his several recent police run-ins.

Short chose to go to Barbados instead. Big mistake. The judge issued a warrant and set bail at $40,000, upping it to half a million when he didn't show again.

When it comes to brains, he drew the Short straw.

The actor finally got the message, ended his vacation, showed up to face the music and was arrested immediately. And it gets even crazier from there:

He was due in court today for another case involving a bar fight ... which he didn't show up for because he was in custody in the domestic violence case.

Not amused or willing to cut Short a break under the circumstances, the judge issued a second warrant for his arrest there and set bail at $250,000.

His future in the legal system remains to be seen, but we can tell you this: If you watch Scandal online, you have seen the last of him on the ABC drama.

Dude already got fired over this stuff.

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