Chris Brown to Rihanna: Let's Get Back Together!

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Years after he beat Rihanna's face in with his bare fists, a new report alleges that Chris Brown is once again beating a drum of reconciliation.

He wants to get back together with the woman whose face he made into a bloody pulp back in 2009.

Chris Brown Dances on Stage

The disturbing topic of Brown's past with Rihanna is back in the news these days because Brown has released a documentary titled "Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life."

Screened last week for select audiences, the film delves deeply into Brown's relationship with Rihanna, even chronicling the events that led up his arrest for assault against the artist.

In short:

A former lover of Brown's showed up at pre-Grammy Awards party at which Chris and Rihanna were in attendance.

The young couple fought over her presence at the gathering... Rihanna found a text message from her on Brown's car as they drove home together... and then all violent Hell broke loose.

According to various sources, Rihanna really wants Brown to shut the eff up about their troubled history.

But Brown has a counter-proposal for his ex-lover instead:

Chris Brown Cradles Royalty

Let's bump uglies again!

"Chris has never stopped loving Rihanna,” an insider tells Hollywood Life. “He would reunite with her in a heartbeat.” 

We're sure that he would.

Fortunately, even though Rihanna refuses to shut the door in the face of her ill-tempered ex altogether, she isn't exactly jumping at the opportunity to get back into his bed.

“She’s keeping him at arms’ length,” a source tells this same website, adding:

“She still speaks to Chris, but not as often now as she did - she’s trying to wean herself off of him, because she knows it will be difficult to fall in love with someone else if her head is still in his space.”

It really is very sad that, all these years later, Rihanna can't bring herself to move on from Brown entirely.

Brown hasn't showed any signs that he'd treat her well, not if his past and even his present with Karrueche Tran serves as any kind of evidence.

Earlier this spring, Tran filed for a restraining order after Brown allegedly hurt her and threatened her friends.

She says she's legitimately afraid that Brown will kill her.

It's a message Rihanna may want to take seriously, considering what she's witnessed from Brown and how little proof he has offered of late that he's changed in any way whatsoever. 

Chris Brown Sings and Sucks

To open his new documentary, Brown says to the camera:

They should be talking about how I’m the baddest motherf-cker on the stage instead of I’m the baddest motherf-ckler in the courtroom. 

Here's a novel idea, though:

Perhaps the goal should be for no one to refer to him as a "bad motherf-cker" at all.

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