Lamar Odom: Kidnapped! Held at Gunpoint by Bookies!

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Back in August, Lamar Odom detailed how he suffered 12 strokes and 6 heart attacks after he suffered an overdose about three years earlier.

Now, based on a bombshell new report, can add another shocker to this list of developments from Odom's recent past:

One hostage situation.

Lamar Odom at Kids Choice

According to Radar Online, Odom nearly got himself, his girlfriend and his girlfriend's infant daughter killed this summer due to ths ex-basketball star gambling money he had borrowed from some very shady individuals.

These stunning situation went down right around the time Odom went to visit Savanna Waldrop in Portland, Oregon, an insider tells Radar.

Basically broke because he has been out of work for so long, Odom borrowed $10,000 from some folks that Waldrop know.

And these weren't exactly the most upstanding citizens on the planet.

"The bookies had no idea someone famous like Lamar didn’t have the cash to pay them back. And you don’t mess with these guys," writes Radar as a set-up to what came next.

It's Lamar

Within 20 minutes, all the cash Odom borrowed was lost after he hit some bad luck gambling.

And the folks who loaned it to him went out of their way to scare him into paying it back.

“Within 24 hours the bookies were harassing [Savanna and her two-year old], following them to their Airb  and hotel, and waiting for them in the parking lot,” claims this Radar source.

YIKES, right?

“It got so bad, they threatened Savanna and her daughter with a gun and said they’d kill her," Radar alleges.

Lamar O.

The insider says that these bad people kidnapped Odom and held him so ransom until he could get together the cash he owed them.

“They kidnapped him for two days and took him to their house in Portland where he basically just hung out with them,” says this mole. "Savanna tried calling him, but they wouldn’t let him pick up the phone or text."

At one point, left with few other options, Odom asked Waldrop to pawn his gold necklace for $1,000.

After 48 hours, Odom was let go after people in his camp forked over $2,800 and Waldrop came up with $1,500.

“Lamar still owes the rest, about $5,000, not including the interest that they want. But he still hasn’t paid,” explains Radar.


Totally crazy and insane, right?

Odom, of course, was married to Khloe Kardashian for about four years and has been on record many times over the years about his drug and alcohol abuse.

He's also been involved in his fair share of dangerous scenarios, not even couting this latest escapade.

But it still doesn't seem like Odom has learned any lessons.

“When we survive this, we will laugh about it on a beach somewhere getting high,” Odom texted to his girlfriend on June 8, even taking credit for saving her "ass," despite the fact that he's the one who got her into trouble to begin with.

Lamar Odom with Coffee

Following the harrowing ordeal, Odom flew back to Los Angeles and then to China, where he is playing professional basketball.

“Savanna already helped him with $80,000 of her own money, and she had none left,” concludes this source. “She tried all she could do to help. But at the end, it’s Lamar’s responsibility to help himself.”

This has been the case for several years.

Let's hope Lamar one day takes this responsibility seriously.

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