Paul Bernon: Dating Bethenny Frankel!

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It was only days ago that Bethenny Frankel confessed to accidentally texting her late boyfriend. Sometimes, letting go of a lost loved one is impossible.

Fortunately, it looks like Bethenny is finally managing to move on -- with a new man in her life.

But who is her new man, Paul Bernon?

Bethenny Frankel 2018 Selfie

TMZ reports that Bethenny Frankel was recently spotted holding hands with what was initially a mystery man.

Bethenny was spending time in Boston, and she was spotted holding hands with and then kissing a taller gentleman by the name of Paul Bernon.

TMZ noted that their PDA included a makeout session near Boston College, which sounds like as good a place as any.

(If you're determined to kiss while in public, that is)

It is, of course, wonderful to see Bethenny moving on with her life after this summer's heartbreak.

But ... who is this dude?

Paul Bernon for Emily's List

Paul Bernon is a businessman and film guru.

He has two degrees.

Paul obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies at the very same Boston University where he (almot) was for his PDA with Bethenny.

He earned his Masters degree in Real Estate at New York University.

Needless to say, those are two very different fields of study.

Bethenny Frankel in Orlando

Paul is a cofounder and partner in a Los Angeles.-based film finance and production company, Burn Later.

His films include Drinking Buddies, whch starred Olivia Wilde and Anna Kendrick.

Another film, Best Kept Secret, earned him a Peabody Award.

Many people know of Paul as a filmmaker and aren't even aware of his other ventures.

But when we say that he's a businessman, we're not kidding.

Paul Bernon

It is reported that Paul obtained his first shopping center by the age of 24.

He is currently a managing partner for Rubicon Real Estate, LLC.

Rubicon Real Estate owns and manages various investment properties in New England, Texas, and Utah.

Speaking of New England, he resides within the greater Boston area.

It seems likely that Bethenny may have been in town especially to see him.

Bethenny Frankel and Her Melons

Paul is active politically, and is a member of the National Finance Committee of the Democratic National Committee.

What's more exciting is that he is a board member as well as a co-founder of the Creative Council at EMILY’s List.

(EMILY's List is a wonderful political organization and it's especially encouraging that he lends his efforts to a pro-women group)

Us Weekly reports that Paul shares two children with his ex-wife.

Paul and Ashley Bernon divorced in September of 2017.

It looks like Bethenny isn't the only one in the relationship who might be said to be "moving on."

Bethenny Frankel Strikes a Pose

It is wonderful to hear that Bethenny is taking this careful next step in her life, two months after such a tragic loss.

Perhaps she has found closure in the death of her late on-again, off-again boyfriend, Dennis Shields.

Even though his death was officially ruled inconclusive, his loved ones seem to have accepted that this was a tragic drug-related death, whether an overdose or interaction.

Now, they are all healing in their own ways.

That Bethenny is dating again is not a sign that she loved him any less.

Finding new joy is what any good person would want for their loved ones.

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