Man Puts "Used" Girlfriend on eBay, Bids Reach $119K

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A man attempting to auction off his girlfriend on the internet sounds like a horror story, but this man did it as a joke -- and she laughed, too.

But they were both absolutely shocked when bids and lewd messages poured in.

And they were shocked again when the bid reached over $119,000 in 24 hours. Whoops.

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Dale Leeks is a London resident.

He decided to play a cheeky prank on his girlfriend, 37-year-old Kelly Greaves.

The two had been dating for a year, and he took to eBay to, in jest, put her up for auction.

He included her photo and a joking description of why he wanted to trade her in, for parts or for a "newer model."

Though we would never, ever suggest that anyone do this, Kelly was apparently amused when Dale told her.

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Dale wrote that Kelly "starts OK but after that there’s a constant whining noise that I can’t seem to stop."

"Bodywork is fairly tidy but close up shows signs of wear," he joked on the eBay ad.

"No serious damage," he continued. "But you can see that she’s been used."

"Please [bear] in mind when bidding she’s 37 years old," Dale jokingly plead with prospective buyers.

At the time, he had no idea that anyone but Kelly herself would see it.

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In general, the fake auction ad was basically just a roast of his girlfriend. Again, we don't recommend trying this out for yourself.

"Basically first thing in the morning she can be very temperamental," Dale warned.

He wrote that "once warmed up the whining noise lessens but I would be lying if I said it goes away completely."

"The rear end leaks a bit but nothing that can’t be plugged," he joked.

"Any offers considered," he concluded, adding that he "would be interested in a part exchange with a younger model. Sold as seen, no returns."

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It was only after Dale and Kelly went to dinner that evening that his phone began to go "crazy' with notifications.

The listing was generating a lot of attention.

Some of that attention came in the form of very lewd messages.

But there were also bids, and those bids began to go up and up and up.

In the end, the listing was seen over 81,000 times, and bids reached the equivalent of about $119,000.

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Fortunately, human trafficking is illegal, so it's not like Kelly was going to have to pack her bags.

In fact, the listing was removed by eBay after 24 hours -- because the site has a policy against the sale of human body parts or remains.

While Dale and Kelly had a good laugh about it, we strongly advice against this.

Placing a woman's picture on the internet without her consent in advance can put her in danger or attract unwanted attention.

Besides, roasting your girlfriend while pretending to auction her off might not go over well with every girlfriend.

We're glad that Dale and Kelly were able to laugh about this, even though we're seriously wondering (no offense to Kelly) how in the world the bids got so high.

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