Prince Harry is Just Railing Meghan Markle 24/7, Source Alleges

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According to a revealing new report, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are very busy these days.

Doing what, you may be wondering?

Doing EACH OTHER, a possibly reliable source claims!

Indeed, with rumors circulating around the Internet that Markle is already pregnant with the couple's first child, this insider tells Hollywood Life that such claims are premature.

There is no small human growing inside Markle's womb. Not yet anyway.

But this doesn't mean Harry and his relatively new wife aren't doing all they can to make it happen.

They totally are. They are totally engaged in some Royal Railing as often as possible.

"Harry is having the best time of his life with his new bride," some random person who apparently knows everything tells Hollywood Life, adding:

"Meghan and Harry are enjoying non-stop baby-making sex at all hours of the day."

Ogling Her Prince

It's unclear just how this person knows that Harry is sticking his scepter inside Meghan's throne (if you know what we mean!), but Hollywood Life seems pretty confident in its report.

And this person seems very much aware of what sort of sex schedule is being kept by the gorgeous Prince and Duchess.

“Meghan has an app on her phone that tracks of her fertility, so when she is most likely to conceive, her and Harry make the most of their time together," the article states.

Over the past few weeks, chatter of Markle's alleged pregnancy has grown stronger than ever.

It's inevitable that the couple will conceive; it's only a matter of when the blessed event will happen and if Great Britain will survive the chaos that ensues on the baby is confirmed.

Meg and Har

Oddsmakers and gambling websites across the ocean are banking on an announcement maybe coming as soon as this weekend.

But the aforementioned insider explains that Markle is not actually knocked up yet -- although the stars certainly would receive an A for effort!

"In the mornings, afternoons and at night, they make time for love with a baby being the goal," this really knowledgable person details, saying of the Prince:

"Harry is not complaining at all!"

Well, no. How could he when his mouth is full of his wife's bosom at all hours of everyday?

Royal Bride and Groom

For the record, however, Harry and Markle are not full-time residents of Pound Town because they feel pressure to have a baby.

They are too smart and too mature for that.

They are well aware of the responsibilties of having a parent and would never make this decision just because a few websites are wondering when it will happen.

Heck, Hollywood Life concludes, they don't even know what is being discussed on social media.

"[Meghan] and Harry really don’t pay much attention to all the rumors, as they accept that it’s just part and parcel of being who they are," says this source.

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