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Pretty much from the moment Meghan Markle and Prince Harry said "I do," royal watchers have been scrutinizing the couple’s every move for indications that a new little prince or princess is on the way.

Rumors that Meghan is pregnant with Harry’s baby seem to pop up at the rate of about three a week, but these days, it’s looking as though there’s real reason to believe the Duchess of Sussex has a bun in the oven.

Meghan Markle in Blue Dress

According to The Daily Star, Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, is planning to move to the UK in the very near future.

Not only that, the tabloid reports that Raglans has been taking classes in infant care during her visits to London.

"Two of the teachers, Brandi and Hannah, are training Doria at her home half an hour away to avoid attracting unwanted attention,” a source tells the outlet.

It seems Meghan is averse to the idea of hiring nannies and other childcare professionals to help around Kensington Palace.

Meghan Markle, Mom

Instead, she’d like Doria to move in and help attend to the needs of the newest royal.

“Meghan wants to avoid hiring staff if possible once her first child arrives," says the insider.

"The thought of having her mum move in with them and take on the role of baby nurse is the best possible solution to that."

Fortunately, it sounds as though Doria is just as excited about the arrangement as Meghan is:

Meghan Markle Goes to See Hamilton

"It’s something Doria has always wanted to do anyway," the source claims.

"She already specializes in prenatal yoga."

Yes, in addition to raising children of her own, Doria has been assisting new and expectant moms throughout her career.

And it seems she’s already learned a great deal in the few weeks that she’s been taking childcare classes:

The New Duchess

"She’s learned everything from breastfeeding and lactation consultancy, basic baby care, CPR and first aid," the insider says.

"The course also covers sleep training for later on, weaning and helping the new mother with her recovery.”

Sounds like Doria’s got this thing on lock.

Which is nice, especially since the rest of Meghan’s family is so terrible.

At least Doria is helping to balance things out a bit in that regard.