Matt Lauer: Plotting Revenge Against the Today Show!

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To say that this is troubling news is an understatement.

The disgraced Matt Lauer trying to make good on his threat to return to television less than a year after being fired for egregious sexual misconduct.

And worse, he is apparently trying to hire Today Show staff to sabotage the show that fired him!

Matt Lauer, Pre-Scandal

RadarOnline reports that Matt Lauer is working to poach Today Show employees.

As he builds the staff for his new project, he is raiding the staff of his old stomping grounds.

According to the tabloid's informant, Lauer isn't doing this purely because he wants familiar faces -- he is allegedly driven by malice.

"Matt would like nothing better than to wreak havoc on the people who fired him," their insider reveals.

One would think that he had done enough irreparable harm at NBC. Instead, it sounds like he's just getting started.

Matt Lauer is Terrible

RadarOnline writes that the accused sexual predator has been "skulking around NBC’s Rockefeller Center studios."

This prowling has reportedly resulted in meetings with former NBC employees.

At least one of these meetings is said to have been with Don Nash, who departed from the network in January -- just a couple of months after Lauer's firing.

The source explains: "Matt knows luring talent from ‘Today’ would throw the show into chaos!"

Some men, when caught, know that what they did was bad and are eager to quietly disappear. It sounds like Lauer doesn't understand what he's done -- or doens't care.

Matt Lauer and Katie Couric

Today Show ratings have been better without Lauer than they have been in years, but they're still second place behind Good Morning America.

And apparently Lauer aims to make life more difficult for Hoda Kotb.

And he has his eye on someone he'd love to have by his side in his planned return to the spotlight: Katie Couric.

"Matt is convinced that enough time has passed to put the scandal behind him and that viewers would come rushing back to him," the source explains.

The insider says that Lauer believes that this is possible "especially if he teamed with Katie!"

Well ... yikes.

Matt Lauer at NBC

We mentioned that Lauer aims to twist the knife against Today Show, and part of that is his personal beef with Kotb.

"Matt feels Hoda hung him out to dry when the scandal broke,” an insider reveals.

The tabloid alleges that tensions are mounting between Savannah Guthrie and Kotb, and that Savannah hopes to have Kotb replaced.

“Helping Savannah helps him get revenge on Hoda," the source claims. "And cause further chaos at Today."

The insider issues a warning: “It would also clear the path for his return to ‘Today’ if his show doesn’t get off the ground!"

Matt Lauer in a Suit

What some might describe as Matt Lauer's delusions, others might describe as something chillingly possible.

After all, Louis C.K. tried to begin his "comeback" just weeks ago. 

The man made his female coworkers watch him masturbate and even admits that it happened, but figured that a few months off of the stage was enough to compensate for his crimes.

But as much as people were outraged that he made a surprise stand-up appearance when the women he drove out of the comedy industry will never do stand-up again, others supported him.

If Louis C.K. can get that kind of support after admitting to his offenses, people might flock to Lauer's comeback despite everything that we now know.

Matt Lauer on a Red Carpet

One wonders how many sponsors would be willing to support a comeback effort by a man so widely disgraced.

The answer, however, probably lies in public outcry and viewership numbers.

If no one lets their morbid curiosity get the better of them, then no one will watch and his comeback will tank.

If everyone raises their voices together to condemn any and all potential advertisers, then the man accused of using NBC as his personal hunting ground for subordinate women won't get a second chance.

But maybe Lauer is right. Maybe if enough time passes, people will just remember the smiling talk show host and forget about the awful allegations against him.

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