Married at First Sight: Divorced Contestant Now Dating One of the Show's Doctors/Experts!

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Married at First Sight has such an outrageous premise that fans and detractors alike feel compelled to watch.

Viewers saw Jon Francetic marry Molly Duff, but their marriage fell apart long before their one-year anniversary. But going on the show wasn't a total bust for Jon.

As he has now revealed on Instagram, he is dating one of the show's relationship experts -- Dr. Jessica Griffin!

Dr. Jessica Griffin and Jon Francetic

Jon Francetic posted this photo on Instagram, captioning it: "Convinced someone to run a @spartan with me."

You know that people are falling for each other when one is able to convince the other to do anything involving literal running. It is the actual worst.

Dr. Jessica Griffin isn't exactly front-and-center for the camera, but she is still recognizable.

In more recent posts, without photographing each other, Jon and Dr. Jessica both made it clear that they are vacationing together for her birthday.

Molly didn't find Jon attractive, but clearly Dr. Jessica did.

Jon Francetic and Dr. Jessica Griffin

Just about anyone who works as a therapist is supposed to abide by a code of ethics, one of which being hey, don't bang or kiss or date your clients.

Some Married at First Sight fans were so vocal about fearing that Dr. Jessica had preyed upon Jon at his most vulnerable moment that Jon spoke up to clear the air.

"I rarely reply to people I don’t know, but given your persistence let me put your mind at ease," Jon writes. "I completely agree that those ethical codes exist for a reason."

"And should you wish to try and have her license taken," Jon continues. "I only ask that you show up to the board hearing."

Jon says that the hearing is "where my contract (the contents of which you have never read, seen, or know anything about) will be shown as evidence."

Jon Francetic Instagram Selfie

The long and short of it is that they did not have a real doctor-patient relationship because it was just a TV show. Reality TV is still TV.

"When you are educated on why a client/patient relationship cannot exist (hint: confidentiality means it’s not broadcast on national television)," Jon writes.

Jon continues: "then I’m sure you will have no choice but to admit defeat in this situation."

"Also," Jon adds. "If you believe that we did not research the ethical codes you previously sited before pursuing anything, then clearly you’re not giving our intelligence enough credit."

Jon concludes: "But thank you for your concerns, happy Monday."

Dr. Jessica Griffin on Instagram

Dr. Jessica chose a less direct way of addressing the controversy.

"Engaging with negativity just messes up your mojo and your hair, so don’t do it," she wrote on Instagram. "Mistake my kindness for weakness -- that’ll be fun. Kindness is not weakness."

"Biting your tongue or having a softer style does not make you passive," she affirms. "Being trusting and loving and hopeful does not make you naive."

She uses some very evocative analogies: "Light casts out darkness and negativity- love casts out darkness and negativity."

"It is easy to judge the silent," she concludes. "To ridicule those who bite their tongue or those who take the higher road. Take the high road anyway."

Jon Francetic Photo

In general, we recommend against entering a relationship that requires research to prove that it's not unethical.

It kind of brings you back to when you're 15 and your classmate explains why it's actually totally legal for her to bring her 20-year-old boyfriend to prom.

That said, this was a reality show. It's not like Dr. Jessica used her guile to break up anyone's relationship -- there was no real relationship or hope for one for Jon and Molly.

So, you know, good for them.

Just remember that you should not entertain thoughts of dating your own therapist.

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