Pete Davidson Wishes He Could Have Stopped the Ariana Grande Groping

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The late, great Aretha Franklin's memorial was on Saturday, and Ariana Grande was one of the honored guests. She performed a powerful tribute to the late Queen of Soul.

Unfortunately, Ariana was fondled on stage by Pastor Charles Ellis III, in front of the mourners and in front of millions of viewers at home.

Now, an inside source shares how Pete Davidson reacted to seeing his fiancee get groped in front of the world.

Ariana Grande, Bishop

HollywoodLife reports that Pete Davidson feels that it's a shame that Aretha's memorial could not be the solemn, respectful occasion that the late singer deserved.

"What should have been a tribute to the life of Aretha Franklin has become a whole different thing," the insider says that Pete laments.

"It’s now an unneeded and unwanted spectacle with what the Pastor did to her," the source continues, referring to the groping of Ariana Grande.

"And," the insider adds, it gets worse "with people joking about what Bill Clinton’s reactions were during her performance."

The former President was seen responding with joy to Ariana's performance, but, given his reputation, too many joked that he was simply lusting after the 25-year-old singer.

Ariana Grande Groped

"Pete doesn’t really care about the reactions of Bill Clinton," the source shares.

The insider explains: "he can joke that off."

Merely looking at a fully dressed woman at a funeral, after all, is not that big of a deal, even if it does become a minor meme.

"But," the source says. "He definitely is mad over seeing the pastor making her feel very uncomfortable."

So were millions, of course, but for Pete, it was a situation of seeing the love of his life have to grin and bear it on national television.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Affection

Like anyone, Pete wanted to race to Ariana's rescue.

"Pete wanted to go up on stage and save her," the insider reveals.

That is no real surprise. But it's for the best that it did not happen.

"But," the source explains. "Things happened so fast and he didn’t want to make it more of a scene then it was."

Creepy men using their position of religious authority to touch people without their consent is gross, but Ariana could not have wanted Pete to make a scene.

After all, this was a time "when everyone was there for Aretha."

Ariana Grande Rides Pete Davidson

For Pete, this was a no-win scenario. He could either rescue his fiancee and stir up drama and conflict at a solemn occasion, or he could sit back and watch a very uncomfortable scene.

"He was really stuck between a rock and a hard place," the insider summarizes.

Pete doesn't want to dwell, the source claims, "and he hopes everyone can move on from everything that happened and stick with what they day was about"

The insider says that Pete hopes that people will focus on Aretha's passing "instead of everything else that came from it."

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande, Funny Faces

There were other issues with the funeral that had nothing to do with Ariana Grande.

Aretha Franklin had an unimaginably difficult childhood, becoming a mother before she was a teenager and was reportedly a victim of both domestic violence and incest.

Her father, a man whom many believe to have been a real villain in Aretha's life, was praised during her memorial.

At the same time, single mothers were condemned -- which many perceived to be a clear slap in the face to Aretha's legacy.

Aretha's memorial should have been about the late legend. We look forward to hearing about how her family really feels about this -- once they finish putting together their thoughts.

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