Maci Bookout & Taylor McKinney: We're Adopting a Baby!!!

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It's been a rough year for Maci Bookout.

The Teen Mom OG fan favorite has been forced to deal with the nightmare of trying to keep her family safe from her increasingly troubled ex, Ryan Edwards, while at the same time ensuring that 9-year-old Bentley, her son with Edwards, continues to have a relationship with his father.

Taylor, Maci

On top of being forced to file for a restraining order that temporarily prevented Edwards from contacting Bentley, Maci has grappled with some deeply painful setbacks in her efforts to expand her family.

Late last year, Bookout suffered a miscarriage, and she spoke about the painful ordeal in a memorable episode of TMOG.

But the tragedy hasn't deterred Maci or her husband Taylor McKinney from working toward welcoming a new family member.

The McKinneys have been considering the possibility of adoption for several years, and this week, Maci gave a candid interview in which she revealed that they're closer than ever to 

Maci Bookout, Taylor McKinney: A Selfie

“We are definitely still wanting to adopt. We don’t really have, like, a timeframe or, like, an exact answer,” Bookout told Us Weekly.

“I feel like when we know to start the process, we will start it, but for now we’re happy with where we’re at.”

Needless to say, fans were pleased to hear Maci speaking about her future with such excitement and optimism after such a difficult year.

Equally encouraging is the fact that Maci says she has every intention of working with Ryan and his parents in order to ensure that Bentley has as much support from the adults in his life as possible.

Maci Bookout, Taylor

“I don’t think that there will ever come a time when we’re unable to co-parent with Jen and Larry,” she told Us.

“Mainly because we don’t let our feelings get in the way of what’s important and the relationships that are necessary for Bentley to have.

“It’s really just a matter of keeping the line of communication open and also making sure that we aren’t telling too much or giving too much of our feelings or opinions,” she said.

Maci, Taylor

“It’s more about information, rather than speaking about his dad because at the end of the day, Ryan is still his dad."

Asked how she and Taylor intend to approach the ongoing problem of Ryan, Maci had this to say:

"Neither one of us want to ever put some sort of barrier between the possibility of a better relationship when it comes to Ryan and Bentley.”

This is surely been one of the more challenging years of Maci's life, but her attitude remains a silver lining amidst a number of dark clouds.

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