Maci Bookout: Ryan Edwards Is a Danger to His Son!

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If you've been keeping up on the life of Ryan Edwards, you know that the former Teen Mom OG star has been stuck in a tragic downward spiral for much of the past two years.

Edwards has been arrested multiple times for drug possession and probation violation, and sadly, his legal problems don't end there.

Maci Bookout, Ryan Edwards and Bentley

In what was likely the lowest point of Ryan's life, Maci Bookout filed for a restraining order that prevented him from contacting her or anyone in her immediate family -- including 9-year-old Bentley, her son with Ryan.

Given that Ryan threatened the life of Maci's husband, Taylor McKinney, the 27-year-old was left with little choice but to take legal action to protect her family.

Still, filing the paperwork that would prohibit her son from seeing his father could not have been easy.

Maci opened about her decision to take that step in a recent interview with Us Weekly:

Maci Bookout with Bentley Edwards

“It was hard, like, as far as the decision goes, but at the same time it was necessary,” Bookout told the tabloid 

“Especially after considering everything that, you know, has gone on and happened and everything, like, leading up to that point. It was kind of our only option.”

Despite the difficulty, Maci ultimately realized the necessity of the restraining order, and looking back, she still feels it was the best move for everyone involved:

“It’s an unfortunate situation, but sometimes I think things like that have to happen for things to change or get better,” Maci said.

Mackenzie, Ryan, Bentley

“You’ve got to hit the lows to get back up.”

In addition to the threats he made against McKinney's life, Ryan behaved in an erratic and often menacing fashion in the weeks leading up to Maci's filing.

At one point, Bookout says, he even went so far as to threaten her in public.

“[Ryan] showed up [to Bentley’s baseball game] under the influence of heroin and got in my face, yelling and threatening to hurt me," she said.

Ryan, Bentley

These days, Ryan is once again permitted to see his child, but he still has a number of hurdles to clear if he hopes to get his life in order.

For one thing, Edwards has been fired from Teen Mom OG, along with his wife, Mackenzie Standifer.

The situation is especially problematic considering Ryan and Mackenzie are expecting their first child together, and the show was their sole source of income.

Here's hoping Edwards is able to turn things around before his second son arrives next month.

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