Jersey Shore Recap: I Will F--k You Up, B!!

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Move over, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley.

Two new combatants stepped into the figurative ring on Thursday night, as Jersey Shore: Family vacation featured yet another ugly confrontation between cast members.

Angelina and JWoww

A week after Angelina Pivarnick arrived in Las Vegas, due to an invitation by MTV producers Snooki, the tension between this former regular and Jenni "JWOWW" Farley reached record levels.

And it was largely because Angelina tried to make nice with JWOWW.

Well, it was really because Angelina referred to JWOWW as a "Jersey Whore" back in May, but Jenni warned her foe last night that if she just kept her distance, everything would be okay.

Angelina failed to heed this advice, however.

a headlock

Jenni tried to simply steer clear of Angelina, who she said was "like a pet you don't really want."

When the group went down to the pool, for example, JWOWW refused to clink glasses with Angelina during a toast, thinking that ignoring her rival would basically make her go away.

But it had the opposite effect. It turned Angelina into an irritating pest.

"Why would she all of a sudden say cheers to me?" Jenni asked Nicole.

Poor Jenni

"I'm just trying to f-cking enjoy my last couple of days," she added. "I'm a mom now. If I'm gonna be getting bullied and dumb shit, I'm out."

It was clear that the situation was merely escalating with every passing moment.

At one point, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino warned Angelina to "proceed with caution" when it came to her relationship with Jenni (he should know... remember when she punched him?), but Angelina continued to do annoy JWOWW.

In a cab on the way to the club that evening, Snooki tried to get Angelina to apologize to Jenni for the whore comment.


ap rides

"You were acting like a f-cking whore," she told JWOWW. 

When Nicole reprimanded her for repeating the insult, Angelina replied:

"Not a whore like that, you ass! Like a freaking bitch. You were acting like a bitch!"

Jenni then tried to explain to Angelina that there was a difference between a "whore" and a "bitch," but it fell on deaf ears.

"It's obvious that Jenni still has resentment towards me, and I'm to blame a little bit, but I'm trying genuinely to be friends with her and maybe we can squash this eventually?” Angelina said.

too soon pic

Then, naturally, she attempted to sit on Jenni's lap and dance with her at the club. Bad move there, Angelina.

“I just want to party and let loose and have fun, and she’s just not having it," Angelina said. "I don’t know if my approach is wrong, but I'm trying."

(Editor's Note: We knew. Everyone there knew. You're approach was definitely wrong.)

Continuing down the clearly wrong path, Angelina tried to drop some ice down Jenni's shirt while at the club, a so-called prank that only served to anger the star.

"Don't touch me!" Jenni boomed "You're out of your damn mind! What is wrong with you? Stop. Stop, or I will f-ck you up!"

Having No Fun

"I don't know what Angelina's thinking messing with Jenni," Ronnie said hilariously, referring to Jenni's husband and adding:

"Roger don't even do that yet, and he's been married to her for eight years!"

This was a lesson Angelina did not learn, however, which is how she ended up scuffling with JWOWW on the dance floor and getting caught in a headlock.

Angelina eventually squirmed her way out of Jenni's grip and slapped her in the face with the back of her hand.

"Bring me home, or I'm gonna go to jail," JWOWW said to The Situation, apparently convinced she broke the law.

Finally, to close out yet another violent and intense episode, Jenni told everyone at dinner the next night that she was going home early.

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